European Social Survey

A team at the Geary Institute has been appointed as National Coordinator for the Round 9 of the European Social Survey in Ireland.

The European Social Survey (ESS) is an academically driven cross-national survey that has been conducted across Europe since 2001. Every two years, face-to- face interviews are conducted with newly selected, cross-sectional, samples.

The survey measures the attitudes, beliefs and behaviour patterns of diverse populations in more than thirty nations.

The main aims of the ESS are:

  • to chart stability and change in social structure, conditions and attitudes in Europe and to interpret how Europe’s social, political and moral fabric is changing;
  • to achieve and spread higher standards of rigour in cross-national research in the social sciences, including for example, questionnaire design and pre-testing, sampling, data collection, reduction of bias and the reliability of questions;
  • to introduce soundly-based indicators of national progress, based on citizens’ perceptions and judgements of key aspects of their societies; 
  • to undertake and facilitate the training of European social researchers in comparative quantitative measurement and analysis; 
  • to improve the visibility and outreach of data on social change among academics, policy makers and the wider public.

The ESS team at Geary currently consists of: 

  • Philip O’Connell, Geary Institute, Principal Investigator 
  • Mathew Creighton, School of Sociology and Geary Institute, Co-Principal Investigator 
  • Micheál Collins, School of Social Policy, Social Work & Social Justice and Geary Institute, Co- Principal Investigator 
  • Susan Butler, Geary Institute, Project Manager

We are currently developing the project for the commencement of fieldwork in Autumn 2018.