Human Development/Child and Youth Well-being

Health and Children can both be characterised as mature and well-developed areas of research with established funding streams. Here the strategy is to maintain these research areas and further develop their profile within UCD and the wider social science community.

The Developmental Origins Health: A European Research Council (ERC) Advanced Investigator Grant, Professor James Heckman. Teams from University College Dublin, University of Bristol, University of Essex, and University of Chicago, examine the origins and the evolution of health inequalities over lifetimes and across generations.

The Early Childhood Research Team is an interdisciplinary group of researchers who use experimental, quasi-experimental and natural experimental approaches to research factors related to childhood and human development. The team is comprised of a number of senior and junior researchers and Ph.D. students who study the micro analysis of human behaviour, with a particular focus on early child development. This area includes the Preparing for Life Programme, led by Principal Investigator Dr Orla Doyle,  with funding form Atlantic Philanthropies and Department of Children and Youth Affairs. Distinguished internal and external academic collaborators include Professor James Heckman (UCD & University of Chicago), Professor Richard Tremblay (UCD Professor of Early Childhood and Human Development), and Professor Colm Harmon (University of Sydney).