UCD Geography Society




Hurricane Talk: Our first event was held in September in Week Three, where Dr. Gerald Mills (Head of School of Geography in UCD) gave a presentation on hurricanes. This was very applicable to the time, as it was the end of hurricane season, and the hurricanes this year were abnormal to past years. He informed the students, and some staff, about how hurricanes are formed, the physical impacts they leave on the land, and also the social implications that occur before, during, and after the event. Following this, we had a pizza reception, where members could get to know the committee and some of the staff in the School of Geography.


Coffee Mornings: Continuing the tradition from last year, we held weekly coffee mornings in An Cuas through out first semester, and a few times in the second semester. This was a great way to meet members and have them interact with us in a casual way.


World Village: By far our most successful event, during international Geography Awareness Week (GeoWeek) we held a “world village” that included food and information from various parts of the world. As our committee was diverse in places we are from or have lived, it made for a unique experience for members. We had a great turn out, and all of the food was gone before the event was even over.


Belfield FM: We partook in two events with Belfield FM, one in the first semester and the other in the second semester. The first event was a debate with the satire Facebook Page “UCD Flat Earth Society”, where we got to have some fun chatting with the two boys who run the page and had a mock debate with them. We ended up winning “show of the month” in Belfield FM, as listenership was high and engagement on both of our social media sites grew. Our second time on the radio was in Week 9 of second semester, where the Auditor went on to discuss climate change and environmental impacts humans are creating, and how we as a whole can reduce our waste and help stop the damage being done to the earth.

Drinks in the Clubhouse: We had a casual night in the Clubhouse with a few drinks, where members could come and go chatting to the committee.

Christmas Symposium: Teamed up with Classics and Archeology Societies, we partook in a Christmas Symposium, where various topics relating to our subjects were discussed in a very mature fashion. We had wine, food, and fizzy drinks that members could have through out, and we later made our way to the Clubhouse for a relaxing end to the night.


Study Sessions: We finished the end of first semester by holding studying sessions, so students could ask for help from students who have taken the class or are in class with them. We asked lecturers if they would be willing to volunteer to stay on campus a couple hours later than usual to help answer questions. We also had tea, coffee, and biscuits for students to help them keep pushing through assignments. Students found this to be very beneficial, and have requested we continue this in the future.

Newgrange: Our first event of the second semester, we went to Newgrange with History and Archeology Societies. The main group of students that went were Erasmus students, however it was great to get them engaged and involved with us, even if it was for only one semester.


Quiz Night: Classics Society and ourselves worked together to hold a quiz night in February. Although turnout wasn’t amazing, we did have a great time with those who came. We had food, wine, fizzy drinks, and a prize of sweets for the winning team.

Claire Byrne: Although not our event, the society was invited to be guest members at the Claire Byrne show featuring a segment on urban planning. There was a good few members who came along with the committee, and who also stuck around for the reception held in RTE afterwards.

International trip: This year our international trip was held in Kiev, Ukraine. While in Kiev, we learned about the political past, their history as the empires changed, their urban landscape (as there is a stark contrast between the historic side and the communist side), and learned about the culture. We also took a trip to Chernobyl, the infamous nuclear disaster site. We were assured it was completely safe to travel to, and we got to venture around the areas that were affected. We learned about the environmental, political and historical geographies that went into understanding the disaster and situation the country was left with.


Postgrad Talk: Working along side the School of Geography, we held a postgrad talk where students could learn about Masters opportunities within UCD, Ireland, and abroad. Dr. Mills presented information and answered questions that students had.

Cycle Talk: Held in Week 11, we had Dr. Julien Bloomer of DCU come and do a presentation on his travels around the world. Cycling the globe in 5 years, Dr. Bloomer showed pictures of his journey, while talking about the struggles and joys he had along the way. Following this, we had a pizza reception where students could ask more questions.

Weekly posts about home: Although not an actual event, throughout first semester we did a social media promotion of sorts, where each week a committee member would write up about their home area, and the physical and human geographies that went on. We got massive engagement, growing our page likes by over 50, and one post having over 20,000 views. We all had a great time bragging about our towns/cities from around the world, and based off of numbers, it seems members and others did too.