Tree population and ecosystem services along proposed bus corridors

The Urban Environment Research Group in UCD School of Geography carried out research on trees and their ecosystem benefits along the proposed Dublin Bus Corridors

Assoc. Professor Gerald Mills and Dr. Tine Ningal carried out a preliminary assessment on the number of trees that can potentially be felled along the proposed  Dublin Bus Corridor routes. Given the multitude of benefits and services provided by trees and the paucity of information for the public on the affected trees along the proposed bus route corridors, Google Map was used to create a GIS database of trees along the proposed bus routes and their ecosystem benefits and services were assessed.

A map of the proposed routes and statistics is shown below for a quick overview. The full report and related media pieces can be accessed from the links at the bottom.

The Irish Independent published a piece on Sunday 16th June as well as The Herald and the report is now available on the Urban Environment Research Group website. Interest from the public and other groups is picking up and is likely to stir much debate around the proposed bus corridors and the prospect of trees along the corridor facing the axe.