PhD Studentship for BeyondOpposition Project

PhD Studentship for BeyondOpposition Project

Start date Jan 2020/September 2020

The project Beyondoposition is looking for an excellent PhD candidate to work with the research team. This is a European Research Council, Horizon 2020 Project that explores resistances to sexual and gender in post-oppositional ways. The successful candidate and the research team will seek to explore these issues with tact, diplomacy and empathy. However, they may be confronted with ideas and material that are potentially difficult. The successful candidate will work with data collected in Canada, the U.K. and Ireland. They will not be responsible for collecting data, although they may engage in additional data collection to support their research (in line with appropriate ethical protocols and permissions etc.). The successful candidate will be part of a research team where interdisciplinary learning and transferable skills are nurtured and supported. This will give them insights into the delivery and management of research projects. They will be encouraged to publish and invited to participate in project dissemination as appropriate. The choice of focus for the investigation will be decided with their advisors. The successful candidate will be advised by Prof. Kath Browne and other members of the research team. 

UCD offers a 4-year doctoral programme with extensive research training and support for developing transferable and employable skills within and beyond the academy.



A2.1/1st at undergraduate level and a Masters within the broad areas of social science.

Experience of working with theories and issues of Sexualities and Genders at undergraduate/Masters level.

Experience of working with qualitative data including participant observation, interviews, texts and appropriate qualitative analysis. 

Evidence of critical thinking through degrees undertaken

Excellent writing standards as evidenced through recognition of written work as part of Undergraduate and Master’s degrees.

Understand the importance of ethical procedures and compliance with GDPR and other data management protocols

Ability to work to deadlines and produce effective timelines that achieve key aims 

Ability to work effectively within a team


Engagements with scholarship in heteroactivism, anti-gender, gender ideologies and/or Christian Right will be an advantage. 

Publication of research material

To apply, send, a copy of your CV, MA/UG transcripts and a covering letter outlining your motivation for applying and what you believe that you would bring to the role. Applications should be received by 5 pm on the 15th November 2019.  Shortlisted candidates will be invited for interview.