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Seismology Laboratory

Welcome to Geophysics @ UCD!

The Geophysics Group works on a range of problems spanning volcano seismology, wave propagation in fractured media and the analysis of ocean generated microseismic noise. These thematic areas are underpinned by strong computational components and specifically designed field experiments using our mobile seismic networks in an effort to gain a better understanding of fundamental controls on volcano seismic sources and ocean noise source generation, respectively. Goals include hazard mitigation on volcanoes and the application of seismology to determine ocean wave characteristics. The group works in multiple collaborative international projects, primarily with European partners funded through the European Commission. It also has strong industrial linkages, particularly on problems related to sub-surface seismic imagery.


  • UCD Geophysics Group contributes to Nature publication about Holuhraun eruption at Bárðarbunga volcano, see here for more details.


  • UCD Geophysics fieldwork in Iceland featured in National Geographic News, follow this link.


  • Real-time 3G data transmission case study with Eircom, follow this link.




Figures from left to right (top): 

  • Nornahraun eruption, Bárðarbunga volcano system, Iceland (31st August 2014).
  • Static stress change induced by the 2001 Agios Ioanis earthquake, Gulf of Corinth.
  • Snapshot of the wavefield propagation across a homogeneous model of Mt Etna.
  • Airgun installation at Teide volcano, Tenerife (February 2014).

Figures from left to right (bottom): 

  • Microseism sources inferred from two seismic arrays in Ireland (May 2012).
  • Lava flow on Mt Etna, July 2008.
  • Preparation of seismic array equipment at IMO in Reykjavik, Iceland (June 2013).
  • Broadband seismic recordings of tremor at Arenal volcano, Costa Rica, December 2008.