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Seismology Laboratory


All our seismometers are from Guralp Systems Limited in the UK. They are digital instruments, ie. the instrument unit includes a digitizer and recording unit.





no. of units





60s - 50Hz

30s - 100Hz

10s - 100Hz

sensitivity 2 x 3,000 V/m/s 2 x 1,200 V/m/s 2 x 1,200 V/m/s
weight  7.7 kg  2.7 kg 2.7 kg
size (diam. x height)
 16.8 x 30 cm  14 x 12 cm  14 x 12 cm

power consumption 

 ~1.8 W  ~1.1 W  ~1.1 W

The 3ESPDC seismometers ship in invidual boxes and the 6TD instruments ship in "smartboxes", housing 5 seismometers each and containing integrated power and communication hubs. Some of the seismometers have wifi capability and their data can be recorded via wireless technology to a central recording unit up to a distance of 500m. This provides for convenient near real-time access to a cluster of instruments, frequently called "seismic array". Our equipment pool contains 3 central recording units enabling the deployment of 3 arrays consisting each of five 6TD and one 3ESPDC seismometer.

Figures from left to right:

  • 3ESPDC
  • 6TD
  • smart box
  • central wifi data collection and recording system