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What's Involved in the Health and Fitness Assessment

The Health and Fitness Assessment is a great way to start the UCD Get in Gear Be Active health and exercise programme, and to see how you benefit from getting active. The one-on-one laboratory tests with a highly experienced, qualified Sport and Exercise scientist from the UCD Institute for Sport and Health will assess your current health and cardiovascular fitness levels, and the testing will then be repeated after the 6 weeks of exercise of the UCD Get in Gear Be Active programme to evaluate your progress.

The Health and Fitness Assessment timeslots will offer places both during the morning and throughout the day until 5pm. Your appointment for your pre health and fitness assessment will be set up when you register. It is advisable to know your schedule for the mornings and day on the week of the health and fitness assessment so a suitable appointment can be made for you. The tests take 20 minutes.

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The Health and Fitness Assessments will take place in the human performance laboratory in the UCD Institute for Sport and Health (which is located in the Newstead Building, beyond the Car Park adjacent to the UCD Sports Centre).

The Health and Fitness Assessment will include the following measurements:

  • Blood pressure (measuring your resting blood pressure is a good way to check your current cardiovascular health)
  • Body Composition which will include body weight, % body fat, height
  • Fitness level and heart rate will also be measured during low intensity step test

CONFIDENTIALITY of participants will be maintained at all times. No information will be provided to any other party without your written consent. All information held by UCD is subject to the terms of the 1997 Freedom of Information Act

BENEFITS There will be a number of benefits: you will have the opportunity to talk to scientists and learn more about your body composition and potentially use this information to improve your health / fitness status by appropriate intervention. You will receive a copy of your results that could be of benefit to you. The testing will be conducted in UCD Institute for Sport and Health’s state of the art Human Performance laboratory.

Please Note: Places are limited in the health and fitness assessments on the UCD Get in Gear Be Active aspect of the programme, so please register early to avoid disappointment if you would like to avail of a health and fitness assessment.

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