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Better Bones Programme
What is involved in a UCD Better Bones Level 1 Exercise class?
UCD Better Bones Level 1 exercise classes offer a combination of exercise and education in a supportive group environment. Each one-hour class will have a maximum of 12 participants led by a Chartered Physiotherapist.


Each class contains an education and information sharing session. The instructor provides the latest information on osteoporosis, falls prevention, nutrition and healthy living.


Based on published research and best practices, the exercises delivered in the UCD Better Bones Level 1 classes  have been chosen by clinical specialists in an Osteoporosis Programme for their effectiveness in reducing the risk of falls, decreasing the rate of bone loss, strengthening muscles and improving posture.

The exercise portion of a UCD Better Bones Level 1 class includes:

  • warm-up exercises
  • functional movement
  • agility activities
  • resistance training
  • stretches
  • relaxation

Participants work at their own level in each class. Exercises can be done seated, standing, or on a mat. Some exercises may involve the use of weights or resistance bands. The low instructor-to-participant ratio ensures each participant receives personal attention and assistance throughout the class.

What to Wear & Bring to Class
Loose-fitting clothing that is not restrictive and comfortable to move around in is best. Your shoes should be sturdy lace-up style with wide soles for good balance. Street shoes are generally not appropriate.
You do not need to bring anything to class but it is a good idea to bring a bottle of water and a towel for lying on the mat during mat exercises.

Who Teaches the Classes?
The UCD Better Bones Level 1 exercise classes will be delivered by a Chartered Physiotherapist who specialises in the delivery of bone health classes and will tailor the exercises to your specific needs and level.

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