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Step Up & Join In Health & Exercise Referral programme
>> to encourage UCD students to choose EXERCISE as a FORM of MEDICINE
Better Bones

>>Physiotherapy led group exercise programme for people interested in bone health
UCD Better Hearts
>> Exercise programme to improve heart health
Consent Form and Confidentiality Arrangements

For the UCD Get in Gear Get Active Programme open to UCD Students
Taking into consideration that some information is used for research purposes, all participants will be given a study code upon entering the UCD Get in Gear Get Active Programme. Your name will appear beside this code on a master sheet that will be held in confidence by the lead investigator. This master sheet is the only link between your name and your study code. Your study code number will appear on all study documentation from there onwards. When study findings are published only grouped results will be included so there will be no way in which you may be identified. All data relating to the study will be stored in either paper or electronic format for a period of one year following termination of the study. During this period your name will not appear alongside your data. The master sheet containing your name and study code will also be destroyed one year following completion of the study.

For the UCD Get in Gear Be Active Programme open to UCD Staff
You will be required to sign a Consent Form prior to participating in the UCD Get in Gear Be Active programme. All personal information supplied by participating staff members will be kept confidential.