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Step Up & Join In Health & Exercise Referral programme
>> to encourage UCD students to choose EXERCISE as a FORM of MEDICINE
Better Bones

>>Physiotherapy led group exercise programme for people interested in bone health
UCD Better Hearts
>> Exercise programme to improve heart health
UCD GIG Members' Testimonials

Question Asked in the Post Health Survey:

Personally did the GIG programme help you in any way?

Definitely! I was a bit wary of using the gym or going to fitness classes before, but going with other people who were new to it as well really helped. I discovered that I actually enjoy exercising - it gives me such a high and puts me in a great mood for the rest of the day. It also motivates me to eat better for the rest of the day so as not to negate my hard work!    I've gotten great results - 2" gone from my waist, I've lost about 9 lbs and 2% body fat, and my fitness level has skyrocketed. The differences in my results from the health evaluation were great. My resting heart rate is down from 87 to 70. My heart rate and blood pressure after the step test were way way down (129 and 167/79 to 80 and 136/88 respectively), and I was barely even breathing heavier this time, when I was absolutely dying after it six weeks ago. I'm feeling great!

It helped me retake control of my own health in a positive non-judgemental way. I feel so much better after being put in such an understanding and helpful atmosphere. It was a really great experience.

I became more relaxed since starting Get in Gear and I feel more confident.

 Definitely! It got me moving again and helped me tone up. More importantly I found that even if I was tired and didn't feel like going, once I was there I thoroughly enjoyed it, and then came out far more energized. It made sitting in lectures and the library a lot more bearable! :P

Yes, I needed to relax into doing exercise and I found Yoga and the aerobics especially great. Also the dancing classes were great to help you get rid of awkward feelings about exercising in front of others. They also loosen you up.

Get in Gear helped me to develop a love for yoga. I'm now participating in a yoga class each week. Thank you!

 It helped me make exercise a regular part of my life again after months of doing very little besides walking.  I started running on my own and stretching out outside of the GIG classes because I remembered how good it felt to be active and have a strong body.

It increased my awareness of a need to be healthier and to exercise regularly. It made me think of ways that I can change my lifestyle to improve my health.

It helped me to get more active and gave me more focus on fitness and forced me to organize my days in a more logical way.

The Get in Gear programme helped me not only to be more motivated about doing sports more often but also increased my understanding about the good mixture between exercise, stretching, working on muscles...

 Good to focus on something, good brain training!

 Yes, by being involved in the programme I became more aware of the benefits of exercise and that I felt better and more organised by including time in my schedule for sports of whatever kind.

 It helped me participate in group activities that aid in improving my physical fitness. It made exercise fun!

 I am now more inclined to go out and exercise rather than just talk about it

 It gave me the starting point to get back in exercising

Helped me get stronger, lose weight, become fitter and sleep well!

 I discovered that I like certain fitness classes

It helped me tone up, which improved my confidence

It helped in terms of education and finding out how to exercise certain parts of my body correctly. It was also a good introduction to classes that I'd never done before.

Yes absolutely. I find myself more relaxed, refreshed and active.

I feel more confident after the programme and have learnt to deal with stress better, a thing I have struggled with. I also have found a physical activity that I enjoy and actually love going back too.

Had a lot of fun trying out new activities

Yes I feel more active and my hours off during the day were better spent.

It helped me to feel more comfortable, and to relax after classes. It kept me physically active, which is what I wanted.

I feel a lot better able to concentrate and focus on college work