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UCD Global Student Blogs

Check out UCD student blogs about life in UCD, Dublin and Ireland!

Life as a full time international student in Dublin

Read about Sydney's experience in Dublin after moving from San Francisco to study at UCD

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The Secret to Getting to Know Dublin

Niall tells you how to feel like a local in Dublin city!

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Coming to UCD on a Global Excellence Scholarship

Rosemary came from Philippines to UCD on a Global Excellence Scholarship. Find out all about her journey.

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How to Apply to UCD as a US Student

Are you in the US and interested in studying at UCD? Read Sneha's blog for an easy, step-by-step guide to the application process.

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Being a UCD Global Guide

Yara tells you all about being a Global Guide - and what you can expect in the Global Lounge!

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Undertaking an MA in Irish Studies as a Chinese Student

Find out why Xinyi used her Global Excellence Scholarship to study Irish!

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