User's Guide to the General Regulations:

2017 / 2018 Academic Session

When is a student considered to have completed an attempt at a programme?

When a student has completed the number of modules (with grades other than AU, W, WX, WL, I or IX) that are sufficient to meet the credit requirements of the programme, the Programme Examination Board will consider whether or not they are entitled to graduate.  On the first occasion where this determination occurs, a student is considered to have completed an attempt at a programme.
(General Regulation 5.1.2)

Can a student defer graduation even if they have met the credit requirements of their programme?

A student may want to defer graduation and accumulate additional credit in order to broaden or deepen their education or to fulfil additional credit requirements for graduate study or professional accreditation.  They are entitled to do this only at the discretion of the Programme Board.
(General Regulation 5.2)

The additional credit accumulated by a student who has deferred graduation is deemed extra credit and the University will levy an additional tuition fee on students taking extra credit.
(General Regulation 5.3) 

For more information regarding fees please go to:  http://www.ucd.ie/registry/adminservices/fees/index.html 

How long can a student defer graduation?

No student can defer graduation for more than two teaching semesters beyond the first date on which they were originally entitled to graduate.
(General Regulation 5.4)

How will additional credit affect the award given to the student?

Only credit from programme modules will contribute to the stage GPA and award GPA


Any additional credit accumulated by a student who has deferred graduation, i.e. extra credit, will not contribute to the award of honours in the programme or any of its constituent majors.  The transcript and Diploma Supplement will show these extra modules and associated grades, and credit will be awarded for all modules completed.  However, the grades awarded in the extra modules will not contribute to the stage GPA or award GPA.

(General Regulation 5.3)



What is normally recorded on a modular transcript for undergraduate and graduate taught degree students?

The transcript is a statement of:

  • Student Identification – this shows a student’s name and date of birth, and UCD Student Number;
  • Attendance and Registration – this shows the date a student first registered for their programme, and which programme a student registered to;
  • Assessments (Outcomes) – this shows a chronology of judged assessments during the period of study for each assessment period. For each assessment, the relevant Grades, Grade Points and ECTS Credits taken & earned will be shown according to the grading scheme applied to the programme;
  • University Scholarships/Prizes – a list of UCD scholarships/prizes/awards pertaining to a student’s programme will be included;
  • Applicable Prior Learning and other accredited study – this may include accredited prior certificated/experiential learning, year-abroad study on approved International Programmes, collaborative programmes, credit transfers between UCD programmes;
  • Qualification Title – the title shows the English and Latin (where applicable). For example: 1/ an undergraduate bachelors honours degree in Arts: Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Baccalaureatus in Artibus; 2/ a graduate taught degree in Business Studies: Master of Business Studies Magisterii in Negotiorum Studiis.  In addition to the qualification title, the transcript will show the major(s) (and/or minor) subject combination of the qualification, specified underneath the qualification title: for example, in a Bachelor of Arts joint major in geography and economics, Geography and Economics will be specified;
  • Overall Award Classification – the final overall classification of the award in accordance with General Regulation 6.3 (FAQ “What classes of honours will be used in undergraduate and graduate taught programmes and what award GPA is required for each class of honours?” refers). For example 1st Class Honours, Pass, etc.;
  • Award Date – this is the date upon which a student was deemed to have successfully completed their programme;
  • Conferring Date (the date of the award ceremony);
  • Other Applicable Information – normally there is nothing additional added. However, for example, where a student requests that their transcript state that the programme was completed through the medium of English, this may be added;  
  • The transcript also includes the signature of the Registrar,  Deputy President and Vice-President for Academic Affairs.


The date of issue and transcript identification number are also included on each page of the transcript. Official UCD Academic Transcripts are issued by the Student Desk. Students, via their SIS Web accounts, may also access their transcript via UCD's Online Official Document Publication service. For further information please go to: http://www.ucd.ie/registry/adminservices/studentdesk/onlinedocs.html


How will credit obtained for clinical, professional or work placement modules appear on the transcript?

Students may find that some of their modules are taken off-campus.  Grades awarded for UCD modules on the basis of off-campus compulsory or optional clinical, professional or work placements for which credit has been awarded will be recorded on the transcript and, at the discretion of the Programme Board, will normally be included in the calculation of stage GPA.
(General Regulations 3.10 and 5.15.10)






What is a Diploma Supplement?

The Diploma Supplement is issued to graduates of higher education institutions and provides additional information regarding the award that is not available on the official certificate (Degree Parchment). This may include information about the skills and competences acquired, the level of the qualification and the results achieved, admissions requirements and access opportunities to the next level of education.

Diploma Supplements are issued by the Student Desk. Students, via their SIS Web accounts, may also access their Diploma Supplement via UCD’s Online Official Document Publication Service. For further information please go to: http://www.ucd.ie/registry/adminservices/studentdesk/onlinedocs.html