University Programmes Board

The University Programmes Board (UPB) reviews, approves and monitors the design, delivery, assessment and quality of the educational programmes within its remit and provides University level oversight for all programmes governed by the Undergraduate Programme Boards, College Graduate Schools, Programme Board, Graduate Programme Boards and Boards of Studies established by the University.

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University Secretariat

The University Programmes Board, subject to review by the Academic Council, shall:

1. Review and inform the annual plan for the development and implementation of credit-bearing educational provision at undergraduate (Level 6, 7 and 8) and graduate (Level 9 and 10 taught and research) level programmes.

2. Determine the academic planning and development of undergraduate and graduate studies.

3. Promote the development of undergraduate and graduate programmes and modules in line with the overall objectives, policy and regulations of the University.

4. Approve the structures, credit frameworks, content of programmes proposed and entry mechanisms by the undergraduate Programme Boards, and of graduate programmes (taught and research) proposed by Graduate Schools or, where appropriate, Graduate Programme Boards.

5. Approve module and programme related derogations from the Academic Regulations.

6. Receive and review reports of module development activity carried out by Schools and their module catalogues.

7. Encourage the development, review proposals for, recognize, and assure the quality of Thematic Doctoral Programmes on behalf of the Academic Council.

8. Develop and agree annually a number of policy development initiatives to support the implementation of the modular curriculum University-wide.

9. Develop and agree annually a range of policy and regulatory initiatives to support the development and enhancement of graduate studies.

10. Maintain oversight of the development of non-traditional educational provision (accredited adult education, part-time and flexible education, open, distance and e-learning) within the modular, credit-based framework.

11. Receive and review reports from the College Graduate School Boards and Graduate Taught Programmes Boards on progression and completion rates for graduate students.

12. Consider, in addition, such matters as the Academic Council may refer.


Deputy President, VP Academic Affairs, Registrar (Chair)
Prof. Mark Rogers

Deputy Registrar, Graduate Studies
Prof. Barbara Dooley

Dean of Students
Prof. Jason Last

Dean of Undergraduate Studies
Assoc. Prof. Marie Clarke

VP for Teaching and Learning – Arts and Humanities
Dr Naomi McAreavey

VP for Teaching and Learning – Social Science and Law
Assoc. Prof. Niamh Moore-Cherry

VP Teaching and Learning – Engineering and Architecture
Assoc. Prof. Amanda Gibney

VP Teaching and Learning – Science
Assoc. Prof. Carmel Hensey

VP Teaching and Learning – Business
Prof. Séamas Kelly

VP Teaching and Learning – Health and Agricultural Sciences
Dr Susan Rackard

Dean of Agriculture or nominee
Assoc. Prof. Eileen Gibney

Dean of Architecture or nominee
Prof. Hugh Campbell

Dean of Arts or nominee 
Assoc. Prof. Fionnuala Dillane 

Dean of Business or nominee
Assoc. Prof. Maeve Houlihan

Dean of Engineering or nominee
Prof. Michael Bruen

Dean of Law or nominee
Assoc. Prof. Paul Ward
Prof. Joseph McMahon

Dean of Medicine or nominee
Assoc. Prof. Suzanne Donnelly

Dean of Nursing
Prof. Gerard Fealy

Dean of Physiotherapy
Prof. Brian Caulfield

Dean of Public Health
Prof. Giuseppe de Vito

Dean of Science or nominee
Assoc. Prof. Evelyn Doyle

Dean of Social Sciences
Assoc. Prof. Sara O’Sullivan

Dean of Veterinary Medicine
Prof. Michael Doherty

Director of Graduate School – Arts and Humanities
Assoc. Prof. Elva Johnston 

Director of Graduate School – Social Science and Law
Assoc. Prof. Nuala Brady

Director of Graduate School – Engineering and Architecture
Dr Near Murphy

Director of Graduate Research School – Science
Assoc. Prof. Paul McCabe

Director of Graduate School – Business
Prof. Gerardine Doyle

Chair of Graduate Research School Board – Business
Prof. Ronan Powell

Chair of the Liberal Arts and Sciences Programme Board
Prof. Tasman Crowe

Head of School elected by Heads of Schools

Head of School elected by Heads of Schools
Prof. Dympna Devine

Head of School elected by Heads of Schools
Prof. Danielle Clarke

Representative of Academic Council elected by AC
Prof. Geraldine Butler

Representative of Academic Council elected by AC
Assoc. Prof. Lynda Mulvin

Member of AC, nominated by President, appointed by AC
Assoc. Prof. Enda Cummins

Member of AC, nominated by President, appointed by AC
Dr Mary McAuliffe 

Representative of the UCD-IOB Joint Programmes Board
Dr Ann Bourke

Representative of the UCD-NCAD Joint Programme Board
Dr Siun Hanrahan

Chair of the Academic Affairs Board of Studies or nominee 
Dr Áine Galvin 

Chair of the Global Engagement Board of Studies 
Assoc. Prof. Paul Fanning

Chair of the Research, Innovation and Impact Board of Studies or nominee
Prof. Suzi Jarvis 

Director of Registry (or nominee)
Kevin Griffin

Director of Quality
Dr Roy Ferguson

College Office/Programme Office representative
Bríd Reason

Graduate School Manager
Angela Evans

Students’ Union President
Barry Murphy

Students’ Union Education Officer
Stephen Crosby

Students’ Union Graduate Officer
Niall Torris

Undergraduate Student nominated by SU
Ed Leonard

Graduate Student nominated by SU
Peter-Paul Knopf

Co-opted members: Co-Opted Head of School Professor Kenneth Stanton, Director of University Governance, Director of Assessment, Director of Administrative Services, Director of Access and Lifelong Learning, Director of Teaching and Learning, Director of Admissions and Enrolment Planning, Representative of Graduate Studies. 



UPB Meeting Schedule 2018/19


Submission Deadline  Meeting Date
Thursday 13 September 2018 Thursday 4 October 2018, 10am
Tuesday 6 November 2018 Tuesday 27 November 2018, 2pm
Tuesday 5 February 2019 Tuesday 26 February 2019, 10am
Thursday 21 March 2019 Thursday 11 April 2019, 2pm