UMT Global Engagement Group

The Global Engagement Group (UMT GEG) provides high-level oversight and coordination of the University’s internationalisation efforts and advises UMT on matters relating to internationalisation at UCD.


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• To assist in the further development and implementation of UCD’s Global Engagement Strategy (2016-2020) and to monitor and review the progress of this strategy in achieving the University’s objectives for global engagement.

• To comment and advise UMT on proposals and outcomes (and their adoption by GEG as appropriate) from UCD’s global strategy working groups e.g. Global Partnerships Working Group.

• To consider and respond to issues referred to the Group by the University Management Team relating to the University’s global engagement activities.

• To recommend to UMT for approval, on an annual basis, the University’s plan for international student recruitment targets and international tuition fees and to review the progress of this plan.

• To provide strategic oversight and recommendations to UMT on opportunities and proposals for new UCD globalisation activities across a range of areas, including:

o Institutional Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) and Memoranda of Agreement (MOAs)
o Overseas offices and representatives
o Overseas campuses
o International partnerships and associated activities
o Mobility opportunities
o Student recruitment pathways
o On campus activities

• To advise UMT on strategic oversight of foundation programmes, pre-sessional andin- sessional language programmes offered by UCD.

• To contribute to the development and implementation of UCD’s regional strategies, supported by the established steering groups for Europe, North America, China, South Asia, Asia-Pacific and other regional steering groups that may be established.

• To advise UMT on strategic oversight of UCD’s ‘area studies’* activities
*Area studies refers to research and scholarship pertaining to particular geographical, national, or cultural regions e.g. Chinese studies

• To provide a forum for the development and exchange of good practice in global engagement across UCD’s Colleges, Schools and Units.

• To provide institutional oversight of external environment activities (e.g. policies, regulations) that impact on UCD’s global engagement activities and ambitions.


The following are members of GEG:

  • President or nominee (Chair)
  • Deputy Registrars
  • Director of International Affairs Provost or equivalent of each international college in which UCD is involved, or nominee
  • Vice-Principal (International) or equivalent from each College
  • Director of Quality
  • Director of Student Recruitment
  • Director of University Relations
  • Director of University Secretariat, or nominee
  • Vice President for Research, Innovation & Impact, or nominee



UMT GEG Meeting Schedule 2017/18


Submission Deadlines  Meeting Date
Friday 8 September 2017 (International Agreements) and Tuesday 19 September 2017 (Other)
Friday 28 September 2017, 2pm
Thursday 26 October 2017 (International Agreements) and Tuesday 7 November 2017 (Other)
Thursday 16 November 2017, 2pm
Thursday 23 November 2017 (International Agreements) and Monday 4 December 2017 (Other)
Wednesday 13 December 2017, 9:30am
Tuesday 16 January 2018 (International Agreements) and Thursday 25 January 2018 (Other)
Monday 5 Febrary 2018, 11am
Monday 5 March 2018 (International Agreements) and Wednesday 14 March 2018 (Other) Friday 23 March 2018, 9:30am
Tuesday 10 April 2018 (International Agreements) and Thursday 19 April 2018 (Other) Monday 30 April 2018, 11am
Thursday 24 May 2018 (International Agreements) and Tuesday 5 June 2018 (Other) Thursday 14 June 2018, 2pm