UMT Research, Innovation and Impact Group

The Research, Innovation and Impact Group (UMT RIIG) provides high-level oversight and coordination of UCD’s research, innovation and impact activities, systems and supports to build the international competitiveness of research and innovation and enhance the global stature of UCD’s scholarship. It provides advice and makes recommendations to the UMT on matters relating to the University’s research, innovation and impact objectives. It has a key role in developing the academic faculty and growing UCD’s community of competitive researchers while developing the University’s culture of and environment for research, innovation and impact.

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The RIIG operates to:

1. Assist in formulating the strategy for research, innovation and impact and keep it under review;

2. Receive from Colleges and Institutes recommendations concerning research, innovation and impact which require cross college or university –wide action and advise on appropriate action

3. Set targets for research, innovation and impact performance aligned to the strategic plan and monitor, in conjunction with Colleges, performance against these targets

4. Maintain an overview of the quality of research in the University and its integrity;

5. Promote the integration of research and education, including the transformation of education through research, innovation and impact activities.

6. Encourage academic development in order to build the research community across the spectrum of postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers and research leaders;

7. Stimulate increased impact and exploitation of the University's research;

8. Maintain oversight on the use , development and renewal of the university’s research , infrastructure and assets for research, innovation and impact.

9. Review and make recommendations on both the internal and external funding of research, innovation and impact in the university

10. Develop initiatives for such funds as are made available to support and promote the enhancement of research, innovation and impact activities.

11. Identify new opportunities for funding of research, innovation or impact and to stimulate responses to those opportunities.

12. Consider and communicate the implications of changes in external research and innovation policy and environment;

13. Advise and make recommendations on the policies, initiatives and oversight for national and international research and innovation partnerships and engagement with society.

14. Advise and make recommendations on the policy on intellectual property, including patents and inventions; technology transfer; consultancy and related matters; incubator units and spin-out and spin-in companies and science park development (Nexus UCD) in line with national policies.

15. Provide advice on matters relating to the organisation, support services and systems for management of research , innovation and impact.

16. Advise and make recommendations on the policy in relation to research risk including integrity, safety and ethics.

17. Identify future patterns of research or innovation activity in the university and to make recommendations concerning the infrastructure or staffing which will be necessary to support them.

18. Consider and respond to issues referred to the Group by UMT relating to University research and innovation activities.

The RIIG will consider and advise on recommendations from

(a) UCD HR which will oversee the implementation of the University’s policy in relation to contract research staff, its research careers framework and gender action plan for research staff;
(b) the graduate studies office regarding the admission, supervision, training, progress and examination of research students


 The following are members of UMT RIIG:

  • Vice President for Research Innovation and Impact (Chair)
  • College Vice Principals or Associate Deans of Research, Innovation and Impact
  • Representative of UCD Research
  • Representative of NovaUCD 



UMT RIIG Meeting Schedule 2016/17


 Meeting Date
Monday 12 September 2016, 2pm
Monday 12 December 2016, 2pm
Monday 13 February 2017, 2pm
Monday 8 May 2017, 2pm
Monday 3 July 2017, 2pm