UCD Student Code 

The University is committed to quality in teaching, learning, scholarship and research and it values honesty, integrity, dignity and respect. All members of the University community are expected to act responsibly at all times. The UCD Student Code establishes the University's regulations and expectations in respect of student behaviour and conduct. The Code establishes types of behaviour that constitute breaches of the University's disciplinary regulations and provides details of the student disciplinary process. Any alleged breach of the UCD Student Code may be treated as a disciplinary matter under the University's Student Disciplinary Procedures. Students and University staff are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the UCD Student Code and related procedures.

The regulation of student discipline is a statutory function of Academic Council. It is administered on behalf of Academic Council by the Registrar and an approved panel of senior academic staff, who are selected to preside over individual student disciplinary hearings. Alleged breaches of the UCD Student Code should be reported in the first instance to the relevant contact below.


Student Discipline Administration

Ms Sharon Clinton, Student Engagement, Conduct, Complaints and Appeals Office
email: student.conduct@ucd.ie
Tel: 00 353 1 716 7131


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