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MA Medieval Studies
Duration: 1 or 2 Years
Schedule: Full & Part Time
Starting: September
Contact Name: Kate Breslin
Contact Number: +353 (0)1 716 8371
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  • Interdiciplinary course
  • Draws on breadth of expertise from across the College
  • Provides scholarly training in the field while allowing for versatility of subject choice
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Who is the MA in Medieval Studies for?

This programme is suitable for those who have an interest in the medieval world and wish to extend their knowledge and understanding. It appeals to those who wish to gain the necessary scholarly skills in the field while still having flexibility in subject matter. If your interests in the medieval world cross the boundaries of traditional disciplines, this is the ideal way of pursuing those interests.


What will I learn?

This MA gives you the opportunity to choose from over thirty different modules, ranging from medieval languages such as Latin or Old Irish, through disciplines such as Archaeology, Art History or Musicology, to topics such as Chaucer, early Irish hero tales, the Vikings, or medieval Florence.


How will I benefit?

The Medieval Studies MA provides an excellent basis for further research in the field and work in related sectors. But the organisational, interpretive and communicative skills provided by this MA also provide an advanced graduate qualification valued across the professions.


What is the programme about?

The MA in Medieval Studies is an interdisciplinary program which draws on the range of expertise in medieval subjects at UCD, offered across a variety of disciplines, including Archaeology, Art History, Classics, English, History, Irish, Languages, and Music. It comprises courses designed especially for this MA, as well as offerings in participating disciplines. In addition to modules on technical and interpretive skills (Approaching the Middle Ages, Manuscript Studies, Palaeography) and medieval languages, students may choose from thematic modules on such topics as Medieval Dublin, Early Medieval Archaeology  and fourteenth-century English literature. These are designed around small-group sessions in which students work with a specialist in the field, and are allowed to develop their own areas of interest and research skills to produce a dissertation. As such, the MA is designed to provide the necessary scholarly skills in the field while retaining flexibility in subject matter.