Your Offer - Next Steps

Welcome to University College Dublin and congratulations on being offered a place in one of Europe’s leading research intensive universities.

After you receive an offer you must respond to it by accepting or declining the offer. Full information on accepting/declining your offer will be provided in your offer email.

You must accept your offer in order to reserve your place at UCD. You may be required to pay a non-refundable deposit which will then be deducted from your fee obligations. Generally offers must be accepted and the deposit paid within 15 working days of date of the offer.

An Unconditional Offer or Full Offer means that you have met all the entry requirements for the course.

A Conditional Offer means that you will be accepted if you meet certain additional requirements.

English language condition
Teaching in Irish Universities is through the medium of English; therefore all applicants from Non-English speaking countries are required to demonstrate a high level of competence in English language.

Academic condition
If your offer is conditional upon obtaining a degree, the offer letter will state the level required. When your degree results are known, please upload a certified copy of your results. We may also ask for original transcripts to be mailed. Official translations must be provided with the original/copy documents where documents are not in English. Any offer will be conditional until we have received satisfactory original transcripts. Applicants who wish to have their original documentation returned should forward a stamped addressed envelope.

Deposit condition
A deposit of €500 is payable to secure a place on most courses. Deposits are non-refundable. The deposit amount will be deducted from your fee obligation.

Applicants should be aware that, if admitted to a course, they will be required to present either their birth certificate or passport as part of the registration process.

If you are thinking of deferring your offer please contact the relevant school in the first instance.   

Deferral Policy

A charge of €500 (effective since 2011) will continue to be applied to any applicant who receives a deferred offer of a place on a graduate taught course.

The charge will be set against the tuition fees for the subsequent year and is not an additional financial imposition on the applicant. Deferral students will no longer be required to submit an application for the subsequent term. Instead the Applications unit will manually transfer the application to the subsequent term, for any student who has received a deferred offer and paid the deferral charge.

An offer will subsequently be issued to the applicant who then needs to accept the deferred offer for the new term, as normal. This deferral procedure will also be applied to applicants of any other category of course type opened on the UCD Applications system. Such applicants will also be required to pay a deferral charge unless the course in question is one which does not require an application fee payment. The deferral charge may constitute the non-refundable deposit paid against a confirmed offer, in which case, if the applicant does not take up the deferred entry place the deposit paid/ deferral charge will be forfeited.

In cases where an applicant has been granted a deferral but the deferral charge is not paid within a specified timeframe at the discretion of Admissions/ School/ delegated authority, the deferred entry place will be forfeited and an application can be made the following year as normal and assessed in competition with other applicants. There is no onus on schools to offer a deferral facility if they do not wish to do so. Similarly if a school wishes to exclude specific courses from this process this is at their discretion. In the latter case the school should contact the Applications unit regarding the major codes which should be excluded.

Once you accept an offer the next step is Registration. Registration for the majority of programmes takes place in August and is done online. You will receive notification via email when Registration opens. Typically for courses starting in September, registration will open in August.

On acceptance to a graduate programme students are required to pay fees.   A detailed breakdown of your fee obligation as well as payment options is available on the ucd fees website.

Students may pay fees by semester:

  • If you are on a 1 semester programme all fees must be paid in advance
  • If you are on a 2 semester programme you may pay your fee in halves by semester
  • If you are on a 3 semester programme you may pay your fee in thirds by semester

Please see payment dates for further information.

If you require a visa to study in Ireland, visa application requires that you pay the greater of €6,000 or half the tuition fee

How do I pay fees? 

  • If you have an Application Number or a Student Number you can pay directly by credit or debit card using UCD’s online payment facility. A receipt will be emailed to you at your default email address or another that you specify.
  • Students making payments from outside Ireland may also pay UCD directly by International Bank Transfer to:

UCD Fees Account, Bank of Ireland,
College Green, Dublin 2. Ireland.
IBAN : IE82 BOFI 9000 1720 6115 11
Swift Code: BOFI IE 2D

  • Pay via the  PayToStudy payment facility. This facility is especially useful for students who require a VISA to travel and/or study. You may access this service via webpage:


If you use a direct payment method you will need to contact UCD for receipts relating to Visa applications etc. This may take some time; therefore we urge international students to use the PaytoStudy option to expedite payment and visa applications.

If you pay online you will be emailed a receipt. You may also print your own receipt for the current year.

For further information on UCD Fees website

Please note if you are a student from outside the European Union (EU) you may be required to apply for a study visa to travel to and study in the Republic of Ireland. To find out if you need a visa please visit Please see the following department of justice web site for more information, For further information that may be of interest to international students please visit:

Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB)
All non-Irish nationals who are not citizens of the EU/EEA or Switzerland, must register in person with the Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB) after arrival and after completion of registration at UCD. The GNIB will issue you with a residence permit/GNIB card. For further information please visit:

For information on working in Ireland please visit the International Office website.

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