Hamilton STAR Liquid Handler

Liquid handling workstation with integrated BioTek cell washer, Venus software, iSWAP robotic hand, barcode reader, plate heater/cooler, 8 pipetting channels and 96 probe head

MiVac Vacuum Concentrator

Vacuum centrifuge with microplate holders

e.g. preparation of reverse transfection plates

Plate Sealer

Thermal plate sealer

Selectable temperature and time settings

Fast start up

Barcode Printer and Scanner

Custom printing barcodes for plates and reagents

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UCD Cell Screening Laboratory

School of Biology and Environmental Science (SBES),

University College Dublin, Dublin 4, Ireland.

Email: cellscreening@ucd.ie

VIAFLO 96 - electronic 96 channel pipette

Semi-automated 96 channel pipette