Men's Health Week 2018

This year, International Men’s Health Week takes place from the 11th-17th of June. The theme of this year’s event is asking ‘What’s your small step going to be?’

Research from the Men’s Health Forum in Ireland shows the need to raise awareness about men’s health and take steps to ensure the health of men in Ireland is looked after. In Ireland…

  • Men die four and a half years younger than women, on average.
  • For all of the leading cause of deaths, males have higher death rates than women.
  • Poor lifestyle choices are linked to a high volume of chronic diseases amongst men.
  • Men are less likely to attend health and medical services meaning issues which may have been treatable develop into untreatable.  

One small step aims to improve men’s health by addressing issues one at a time and making small changes which can lead to significant and positive health differences in the long-term.

For more information to or see how you can get involved check out the Men’s Health Forum in Ireland’s website here.