News & Events

The UCD History Society runs frequent events, providing our members with access to the cutting-edge historical research of a variety of successful and respected academics and authors. The society is similarly concerned with offering its members a forum through which they can meet one another, socialise, and discuss, amongst other things, history.

Throughout the academic year, the society will host lectures for its members on a range of historical topics. Speakers will include academics from UCD, as well as guests from other universities and institutions. These talks generally take place in K114 in the Newman Building, and are followed, without fail, by wine receptions next door in K115.

In addition to our lecture series, the society also organises a number of excursions, including a bar-crawl, on which members visit historically significant pubs in Dublin, and an annual, subsidised trip overseas that affords one an opportunity to visit and experience some key historical sites from Europe's past!

For further information on upcoming events, members are directed to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Details are also frequently displayed on posters around the history corridor in the Newman Building, so be vigilant!

- The UCD History Society Committee