Kevin B. ‌‌Nowlan Scholarship in Irish or Modern European History

Applications are invited to the Kevin B. Nowlan Scholarship in Irish or Modern European History.  The Scholarship for students registered to the MA programme is worth €5,500 per annum and is for a period of one year.   Applications for 2018/19 will open in the Spring. 

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DEADLINE: 25 AUGUST 2017.   The Scholarship will be awarded on the basis of an application process.  An application form can be downloaded from this site.   Applications for the Scholarship should be submitted to the Head of School, UCD School of History. Applications will consist of a submitted applicatation form, a CV, and all supporting documentation set out in the terms and conditions below. 

The Scholarship is open to both EU and non-EU students. Candidates will have to complete the application procedure for entry into a relevant graduate programme in order to be considered. The proposed recipient of the Scholarship will be informed of their success in the first week of the academic year in which it is being held.

1. The overall aim is to attract and support students of the highest academic standards to participate in graduate degree programmes in History.

2. Applicants must have at least a first or upper second-class honours primary degree direct admission to the MA programme. If examination results are not known at the time of application, UCD may make a provisional offer of a Scholarship subject to the student achieving a specified grade in their degree, or such other conditions as the university may impose.

3. Applications will be accepted from suitably qualified applicants regardless of nationality or residence. Applicants, however, must make their own visa/consular arrangements to ensure that they are eligible to reside in Ireland for the duration of their studies.

4. Successful Applicants must be formally enrolled by the school by the deadline for application (i.e. Friday, 25th August, 2017)

5. The total value of the Kevin B Nowlan Scholarship is €5,500 per annum and is for a period of one year. 

6. All applicants must inform the School of any other scholarship funding applied for and whether successful in the application.  If so, they will withdraw from competition for the Kevin B Nowlan Scholarship.

7. This Scholarship will be awarded only to those who are full-time students and who will engage full-time in research.  

8. The School Selection Board will determine the award recipient(s) based on factors that will include potential, merit and feasibility of the proposed project, the distinction/commitment of the applicant, and the potential contribution of the project to the research programme of the School and to the development of the applicant's career and research skills.  Specifically applications will be evaluated under the following headings:

(a)     Description of the topic (no more than 500 words)

(b)     Literature review (no more than 250 words).

(c)     Contribution to the field (no more than 250 words)

(d)   CV

9. UCD is committed to the maintenance of the highest ethical standards in its research. Where ethical issues may arise, applicants will be required to submit a written statement to the effect that full consideration has been given to the ethical implications of the research proposal. This statement must further demonstrate the applicant’s proposed resolution of the ethical issues arising. Such applications will be referred to the UCD Ethics Committee.  All research should be conducted in accordance with the UCD Code of Good Practice in Research. If a research project requires access to archival material in private custodianship or archival material with restricted access, written evidence of appropriate permission to consult such material must be furnished to UCD.


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