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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
Following the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which came into effect on 25 May 2018, UCD HR’s Privacy Statements and Data Retention policy can be found here.

Temporary arrangements relating to compulsory retirement age
The Government recently accepted some proposed changes to the compulsory retirement ages of some public servants. Pending the introduction of the legislation to give effect to these proposed changes, interim measures have been put in place to facilitate public servants who may seek to be employed for a period of time beyond their current retirement date.  

Public Service Stability Agreement (PSSA) – Changes Affecting the Salaries of UCD Employees (UCD Intranet)
UCD received sanction on the 21st December from the Department of Education and Skills to proceed with implementation of both Phase II of pay restoration and the LRA increase of 1% effective 1st January 2018. Click here for relevant documentation e.g. circular.

Updated Process - Cycle to Work Scheme
The Cycle to Work Scheme is now open to UCD staff twice a month.  The deadlines for applications are the 5th and 15th of each month.

NEW Online Hiring and Employee Change Forms
The new Online Hiring and Employee Change Form (Core and Externally Funded) is now live.  This replaces the existing Post Authorisation Form (PAF) and can be accessed through InfoHub by selecting Human Resources, Resourcing, Hiring and Employee Changes (Core and Externally Funded) and selecting the appropriate form.

Adopting the terms of S.I. 582 of 2014 for the UCD pre-2013 Superannuation Scheme (Model) (UCD Intranet)
As directed by the Department of Education & Skills new updated Rules contained in S.I. 582 of 2014 will be the “de facto” superannuation scheme applying in all relevant non-commercial state bodies for the Model Pension Scheme. Further information is available through the link above.

Grace Period for Retirements prior to 01st April 2019
Members retiring on or before 01/04/2019 will have their pensions calculated on the rate of pay in force prior to 01/07/13. Those intending to apply for Added Years are advised to submit a retirement decision 6 months in advance of their retirement date.