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Grace Period for Retirements prior to 30th June 2016
Members retiring on or before 30/06/16 will have their pensions calculated on the rate of pay in force prior to 01/07/13. Those intending to apply for Added Years are advised to submit a retirement decision 6 months in advance i.e. in early January.

UCD Parenting Seminar Series 2015
The Organisation Design and Diversity Unit are hosting a series of lunchtime seminars for staff on parenting and will include talks on a range of interesting topics. Early booking is advised.

UCD Income Protection Plan now available to temporary members of staff
Details of how existing temporary members of staff who meet certain criteria can join the plan effective January 01st 2015

Public Service Stability Agreement (PSSA) 2013 – 2016 (UCD Intranet)
Comprehensive information relating to the implementation of the Haddington Road Agreement