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This page provides an overview of Flexi-Time in UCD.  The main purpose of flexi-time is to provide a more flexible system of attendance for staff, within certain defined limits. It is a significant benefit to staff as it can allow them to accrue up to 13 days additional leave (Flexi-Leave) in a calendar year.   Flexi-Time is not a staff entitlement as it is subject to the operating requirements and approval of the Head of School/Unit.

The Flexi-Time Policy published on this website is the only UCD Flexi-Time policy for application in schools/units.  The policy is in line with the requirements of the Haddington Road Agreement (UCD Intranet) and has been approved by the UMT.  This policy applies to all staff up to and including the grades of Administrative Officer 1A or equivalent only.

From 1 July 2014 staff members availing of Flexi-Time are only permitted to take one day’s flexi leave per 4 week flexi period.

Areas currently availing of Flexi-Time will be reviewed and consulted with where changes are needed to align the area with the Haddington Road Agreement and the UCD Flexi-Time Policy.

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Contact & Support

Areas currently availing of Flexi-Time have a local Flexi-Time Administrator who manages Flexi-Time for staff in their area. The Flexi-Time administrator is the point of contact for any questions or issues on Flexi-Time.  

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  • Am I entitled to Flexi-Time?
  • What does AO1A or equivalent mean?
  • How can I use my Flexi-Time?
  • How is my Flexi-Time recorded?
  • Flexi-Time is in my area. How do I get set-up on Flexi-Time?
  • Flexi-Time is in not in my area. How do I get set-up on Flexi-Time?
  • If I am a Staff member above Administrative Officer 1A can I retain my Flexi-Time?
  • What if I change role or I am promoted?
  • How do I build up Flexi-Time?

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