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Healthy UCD - GCC Programme Pilot

In support of UCD’s strategic objective to develop and strengthen our University community, Healthy UCD and Culture & Engagement – UCD HR ran a pilot initiative to facilitate colleagues participate in a 100-day health & well-being programme. The aims of the programme were to help you become more active; improve your nutrition and to facilitate increased contact with colleagues from across UCD.

This pilot has now concluded and information outlining achievements and participation rates can be found below.

Finishing Positions

GCC - finishing stats

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Participant achievements

GCC - finishing figures

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About GCC

GCC works with businesses all over the world to improve the health and performance of their employees. GCC’s global programme has directly transformed the cultures of thousands of the world’s leading organisations across 185 countries.

Over the past 12 years, their programme has taken 2 million employees on a journey that fundamentally improves their relationship with exercise, nutrition, sleep and psychological wellbeing. It instils in them a new sense of personal responsibility, self-belief and resilience at work.

GCC Logo

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Performance against project objectives


 Increasing fitness


GCC - participation


GCC - helpful

Encouraging participation
GCC - participation - motives
 GCC - participation - gender
GCC - meetings
 GCC - participation - social

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