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Income Protection


The UCD Income Protection (IP) Plan is designed to give employees the opportunity to protect their income against the possibility of long term illness. For members of the Plan, once their sick pay benefit has been reduced to half pay or a member has exhausted their sick pay entitlement, the Plan is designed to pay a portion of their earnings providing them with a maximum income of 75% of salary (less any Early Retirement Pensions/ Temporary Rehabilitation Remuneration and / or Social Welfare benefit to which the member is entitled) while they are unable to work. 

New Ireland has recently been appointed as insurer of the IPP benefits in lieu of Friends First. Our Explanatory Booklets are currently being updated to reflect the revised rates and change of insurer and will be located on the our website, once finalised. However, we can confirm that there has been no change to the level of cover provided and documented in the Friends First Explanatory Booklet currently on our website. 

Until December 2014 this benefit has only been provided to Permanent Employees. Following a review of the plan, Effective from 01 January 2015 membership is being extended to Temporary Contract Employees who meet certain criteria (detailed in the notices below). 

Please refer to your contract of employment or payslip to verify if you are included in the Income Protection Scheme.  Detailed booklets for eligible members of staff are provided below. 

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