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HR Partners

The HR Partner Team provide a key enabling role which is designed to support the University’s ambitions to have a positive and engaging working environment in which all employees can flourish and where best practices in pursuit of that objective are embedded in each School and Unit.

The HR Partners predominantly work closely with those holding people management responsibilities and senior management teams and partner with them strategically and with other specialist colleagues to ensure appropriate and fit for purpose strategies are implemented and are congruent with the university’s objectives and values and the specific goals of the School/Unit. To achieve this, they operate in a consulting mode assisting with diagnosis of issues, bringing clarity to outcomes desired and the selection of appropriate strategies.

Although reporting directly to the HR function and operating as a team unit, HR Partners are physically located in the College or Units they support to ensure that they are accessible and fully integrated into the their assigned portfolio of responsibility. HR Partners are members of the College/Vice President Leadership Team for the areas they work in and this is critical to the efficacy of the role.‌

HR Partners Org Chart