Welcome to our new Human Resource (HR) Newsletter, a quarterly update of HR information, events and developments within UCD. We are piloting this newsletter initially for two editions and we would welcome your feedback on this initiative.

As you may be aware, UCD Personnel was recently re-named as UCD HR (Human Resources). In this newsletter, we provide an overview of the recent changes within our team and share our new vision for HR services at UCD.

Also in this newsletter, you will find information and updates on a range of current topics and developments.


Please refer to our web site, for further information on the topics discussed below and for further information on other HR issues. As part of our ongoing commitment to improving and enhancing our service, we will be making further changes and developments over the coming months to our web site as we strive to meet the needs of staff.

We hope that you find this newsletter a useful resource. We are keen to hear your thoughts and ideas, so please send us your feedback.

Eamon Drea
Vice-President for Staff


In this edition



UCD HR Update

UCD HR is led by Eamon Drea, Vice-President for Staff. The function is divided into four directorates which report to Eamon. These are:

Following extensive consultation with staff in HR and amongst the wider university community, we have identified our Vision, Mission and Core Values. These are the foundations on which our service is built. For more information visit the about us section of web site.

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Performance Management Development System (PMDS) Update

The President introduced UCD PMDS to all staff in an email on May 6th. Following this email, information briefings on UCD PMDS are being delivered to staff on a college by college/unit basis.  The project team will be visiting each area across the university close to when training will be delivered to give an overview of UCD PMDS to staff and to answer any questions about it.  The UCD PMDS web site provides staff with a wealth of information including the schedule for training.   Please visit the web site for further information.

In summary, UCD PMDS provides a framework or set of guidelines to support the ongoing development of staff in a structured and informed way.  It fosters clear, open and two way communication regarding ways of sustaining and improving individual development and identifying and addressing individual needs.

The Head of School/Unit has full responsibility for designating reviewers within their school/unit. Those who have been identified by their Head of School/Unit as reviewers will undertake a 2-day training programme. All other staff will be invited to attend a half day orientation programme for reviewees. Attendance at training days is mandatory. The training will involve a discussion of the role of the reviewer and reviewee in UCD PMDS and the skills they will need to ensure the process works for them.

UCD PMDS is in accordance with the provision of the current Social Partnership Agreement, Towards 2016 (T2016) and previous agreements, Sustaining Progress and the Programme for Prosperity and Fairness, therefore the university is required to implement a Performance Management Development System. The underlying principles of UCD PMDS have been agreed between unions and management.

We look forward to your co-operation when we implement training in your school/unit. Please refer to the web site as referenced above for further information or email

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Employee Assistance Programme ‘SHARE’

Confidential help line number: 1800 300 061

The Employee Assistance Programme is a confidential personal support service available 24/7.  It is available to you and your family for all personal and work related worries and concerns, free of charge.

The new provider of the EAP is VHI Corporate Solutions.  You will continue to be able to speak to a counsellor on the telephone 24 hours, 365 days of the year, and can also see a counsellor locally for face to face counselling, if necessary.

VHI Logo

You can also avail of a wide range of ‘SHARE’ related information on the VHI EAP extranet.

In addition, the EAP general information service offers a wide range of information and can assist with all sorts of queries, some of which you might expect and some of which you may be surprised at.  If you have a query or a situation you need help with, why not give the EAP a call on the number given above?

The EAP can assist you and your family in any of these areas:

  • Family relationships
  • Emotional problems
  • Relationship problems
  • General information queries
  • Work related problems
  • Financial problems
  • Relocation queries
  • Legal matters

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UCD Leadership Programme

In 2007, UCD HR partnered with Cranfield University to design and deliver a bespoke Leadership Development programme targeted at the Senior Management Team and approximately 120 senior academic and professional staff.

The main purpose for this initiative was to support people in the continued implementation and bedding down of the changes that came into effect in UCD in September 2006.

Working with information gleaned from workshops conducted with a sample of the senior managers, UCD HR & Cranfield University came up with a design specific to UCD’s current context.  The programme took cognisance of the leadership challenges facing individuals while also acknowledging the need to work cross-functionally to address some of the more complex challenges facing the organisation.

The programme addressed the above by including personality profiling and individual coaching alongside the opportunity to work in ‘coaching sets’.  Coaching sets draw on the concept of action learning and involve a group of people working together collaboratively.  Each individual describes a current work challenge and the group then engage in a problem solving dialogue to help the individual devise an action plan for moving the issue forward.

The programme which commenced in February this year, has received very positive feedback and within the University sector, it has established UCD as a pioneer in the area of leadership development.

The next steps are to run a series of master classes and to establish real and virtual social networks.
If you have any queries relating to Leadership Development, please contact Niamh O’Donoghue at

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Staff Health Awareness Week: 23 June – 27 June

UCD HR would like announce its first Staff Health Awareness Week, a collection of events aimed at promoting physical and mental well being across the University. The events bring together a number of parties involved in the provision of health related services or products. We'll be providing talks on health-related topics from a range of experts and an open day featuring participants from the healthcare sector and various staff sporting and social clubs.

Information on the open day and seminars can be found on the Health Awareness Week web page.

We have had a large response to our initial notification so be sure to sign up soon as places on the seminars are limited.

We hope to see you there!

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UCD Partnership Committee Update

The members of the partnership committee attended a training session in the Stillorgan Park Hotel on the 28th of March 2008 under the facilitation of Mr Arthur Coldrick, formerly of the Irish Productivity Centre.

The purpose of the training day was for the committee to examine the basis of partnership in the context of National Agreements and to look at the most beneficial ways of utilising the partnership committee’s function within UCD. Mr Coldrick gave a brief overview of the history of partnership and how it has evolved in terms of its relevance within organisations.

Inputs were given by the committee members in respect of how best the role of partnership could be communicated within UCD whilst being aware of its distinct purpose separate to other negotiation platforms such as the Industrial Relations function.

The role of the partnership committee as a good sounding board for UCD initiatives was discussed, providing an opportunity to gauge reaction and concerns prior to communications with the wider UCD community.

The overall purpose and benefit of the training day was that it allowed new members of the committee to ascertain its purpose and the contribution that it can make and for more seasoned members to take stock as to the direction that partnership has taken within UCD.

For more information please visit the partnership web site

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Payslips on-line & UCD Employee Self Service (ESS)

Did you know that since May 2006 UCD have been providing all staff currently paid by credit transfer access to their payslip on-line? In an organisation of our size that is an immense saving on paper each and every month!

If you are not familiar with how to check your payslip on-line, please visit the UCD Employee Self Service Homepage.


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Upcoming events for Learning and Development


Retirement Planning – 19th & 20th June (2 day course)
This course is for staff who wish to prepare for their retirement so that they can adapt more easily to the new social, personal and economic circumstances which they will experience.


Personal Promotion for Library/Archivist Staff:  17th June 10am – 1pm

This practical seminar offers an overview of the personal promotion scheme for library/archivist staff. It looks at the forms to be completed, the supporting examples and criteria and the process involved. It offers potential candidates the opportunity to practice drafting information under the various criteria and a guest speaker who has been through the process will share their experience. 

Managing Probationary Periods: 27th June 10am – 1pm

This seminar is geared towards heads of school and units, managers and supervisors who are responsible for the recruitment and management of staff.

Health & Well Being

Health Week 23rd June – 27th June. Week filled with short seminars on Health & Well Being
(see above)
Personal Financial Management – 24th June 2008 (lunchtime seminar)

Brighter Budgets – August 2008 (lunchtime seminar)

Email if interested in attending any of the courses and seminars being held over the summer months.

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Important Notices

Deadlines for the Promotion to Associate Professor and Professor Academic Promotion rounds 2008:

04 July 2008               Promotion to Professor -  Internal Promotion Pathway 4B
11 July 2008               Promotion to Associate Professor  - Internal Promotion Pathway 4A

For further details please go to the

Deadline for the Personal Promotion Scheme for Administrative/Archivist/ Library Staff 2008:

29 August 2008

Deadlines for Monthly paid claims, timesheets and invoices to the Compensation & Benefits Office are as follows:

July 08 3 July
August 08  4 August
September 08 3 September

Pensions Office

In order to deal with your pensions queries as efficiently as possible please send all email queries for the Pensions Office to Your query will then be logged and dealt with in rotation by one of our Pensions Managers.  Emails sent to Pensions Staff mailboxes directly will not be logged and will experience a delay in completion. As always thank you for your cooperation.

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If some colleagues in your area do not have access to e-mail, please print this newsletter and circulate it. If you have any suggestions about future topics or articles that you would like to see appear in this newsletter, please send your ideas / comments to