Welcome to the autumn edition of our Human Resource (HR) Newsletter, which brings you a quarterly update of HR information, events and developments within UCD. We are half way through the first semester and there are lots of activities happening within the University and within HR that I hope you find useful and relevant to your role.

Please remember, that there is more information on all the topics covered on our web site. As part of our ongoing commitment to

improving and enhancing our service, we will be making further changes and developments over the coming months to our website as we strive to meet your needs.

This is the second edition of our quarterly newsletter and we hope that you find it to be a useful resource. We are always keen to hear your thoughts and ideas on how to make this newsletter better, so please send us your feedback.

Eamon Drea
Vice-President for Staff


In this edition



UCD HR Move to Roebuck Offices

We completed our move to the former Roebuck Castle student residence, beside the UCD School of Law during September. We would like to warmly thank our hard working colleagues in Buildings and Services for their guidance and dedication in assisting us with our move.

The entire HR team is now based together in the one location in Roebuck.

The Payroll Office has also moved to Roebuck Offices, however this office still remains under the auspices of the Bursar’s Office.

You are welcome to call and discuss any queries that you may have directly with the HR team.

The office hours for the HR Reception are Monday to Friday 9:30am – 5pm (closed from 1pm – 2pm). Our general phone number is 01 7164900 and the fax number is 01 7164949. You can also contact HR at our email address which is and don’t forget our website is accessible at

The HR Reception is located on the third floor of the building which is accessible by lift.

The location of our new office can be seen on this Belfield Campus Map.

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UCD HR to Implement On-line Job Application System

UCD HR will this November roll out a new on-line job application system across UCD. The UCD IT Admin Steering Group sponsored project known as ‘eRecruitment’ will form an integral part of an enhanced recruitment service to both job applicants and staff in the wider university community. The implementation of eRecruitment follows a successful pilot project, which ran in seven UCD schools and units between August and October 2008.

The eRecruitment system allows 24/7 global access to vacancy listings and on-line applications. Importantly the system also enables hiring managers to monitor the status of their vacancy and instantaneously view on-line or download applications, through their Employee Self Service (ESS) accounts.

The pilot project which has been very well received highlighted some of the key benefits of implementing an on-line job application system. These benefits include increased efficiency and effectiveness, reduced time to hire and ultimately it portrays a modern professional image of the University in keeping with other world class institutions.

Crucially the system has greatly improved the overall UCD job applicant experience with its simplicity and ease of use. In a recent UCD eRecruitment applicant survey, 84% of applicants rated the system as either ‘good’ or ‘excellent’. Feedback from the schools and units involved in the pilot project has been equally positive. Ms Barbara Cantwell, Administration Manager for UCD School of Medicine & Medical Science stated, "eRecruitment is a fantastic facility to have in such a paper driven environment.” Ms Mairead Egan, Project Manager from the same school believes "eRecruitment is definitely the way forward and makes a lot of sense."

Over the coming weeks and before the system is rolled out, if you are
involved in the recruitment and selection process, you will be invited to attend one of several planned information sessions. These sessions will provide an excellent opportunity for you to become familiar with the system.


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New Head of School Programme rolled out

A new programme for all Heads of School was launched by the President Dr Hugh Brady, in October. The programme is designed to provide support and structure to this critical role within the university and we will be running a number of sessions over the coming weeks.

Eamon Drea

UCD President, Dr Hugh Brady Launching the new programme

The programme will cover areas such as academic & research management, budgetary management, employment legislation & HR policies and strategic and operational planning.

Specifically the programme aims to provide key practical information about the responsibilities of the role using expertise from within the university. It also aims to utilise the vast amount of knowledge that established Heads of School have already gained and to share that knowledge with those new to the role.  For this reason both established and newly appointed Heads of School have been invited to attend the seminars.

Feedback from Heads of Schools, who were widely consulted in the design of the programme, emphasised the need for a programme that would support them through the initial steep learning curve and offer an opportunity to network with other Heads of School. 

Dr Marie Clarke, Head of School Education & Lifelong Learning stated " The Head of School Programme is an extremely worthwhile initiative and has provided Heads of School with the opportunity to engage with and discuss the key policies and responsibilities that determine their role in an appropriate and supportive environment."

The role has a wide brief that spans both responsibility for the academic integrity and quality of the modules as well as the administrative and managerial aspects which ensure the smooth running of a school. As this is a new initiative, we welcome all feedback so that we can ensure the programme fulfils its aims and meets the needs of the heads of school.

For further information or queries please contact or


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New UCD Orientation Process launched

We have completed a comprehensive review of the orientation/induction process for new staff. This project has drawn together information gathered during a review of current processes and has been prepared with the input of colleagues from across the university. These groups comprised all categories of staff and allowed us to gain a greater understanding of colleagues needs when joining the university.  

The programme aims to provide those commencing work in UCD with:

  • a positive and informative introduction to the university
  • the information they need to settle into their new role in UCD

In addition, the intention of the programme is to provide Heads of School/Unit with the information they require to support this process. All of this information forms part of the new UCD Orientation experience which aims to re-energise and refocus our current orientation practices for new colleagues.

Learning about the university, its people, systems and procedures is likely to be an incremental process in the first few months for new colleagues and will occur informally on the job. The university offers additional supports to assist colleagues during this period. They will be encouraged to access these supports as a vital part of their familiarisation process. We recommend that Heads of School/Unit (along with their new member of staff) follow the new UCD Orientation Guidelines to support their new colleague in their early days, weeks and months in UCD.

The new UCD Orientation experience is composed of four separate but interconnected parts which can be viewed at

pic UCD Orientation Starter Pack: Before a new colleagues starts in their role in UCD, UCD HR will provide a range of information which will enable them to establish themselves quickly in the university. The information in this starter pack is also available on the orientation webpage.
Local Orientation: On commencement, in their School/Unit the new colleague will be provided with the most important component of the process, the local orientation, to introduce them to their new co workers, environment and associated work practices.
UCD Orientation programme: UCD HR will facilitate a formal information session where more general information on the university will be provided.
pic UCD Orientation webpage: All of the above will be supported by more detailed information on the orientation webpage.

We look forward to your feedback when we implement the new orientation programme. If you require further information, please email

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Event : Irish Universities Association HR Conference

UCD HR hosted the Irish Universities Association HR Conference on the 16th of October 2008 on the theme of restructuring HR services within Irish Universities.

There were guest speakers from both industry and the university sector.

Ursula Murphy, HR Director in Allianz spoke about change management and how HR can play a key role in this. Peter Smith from the Hay Group looked at organisation design in the public sector particularly in the area of third level education.

Dr Juliet Mc Mahon, lecturer in Human Resources Management from University of Limerick gave us an insight into recent HR developments and Peter Goodge from CIPD (Chartered institute of Personnel and Development) discussed the merits of the HR partner role. Ercus Stewart SC finished the day by reviewing the current issues in employment law.
The event also included a debate on the value of social partnership between Mr Brendan McGinty of IBEC and Ms Chris Rowland of SIPTU.

This was the 7th Annual IUA HR Conference which was funded entirely from sponsorship and delegate fees with the location determined by the institution chairing the IUA Group meetings. As chair of the IUA in 2009, the University of Limerick will host the 2009 Conference.

If you are interested in hearing more about this conference please contact

IUA HR Confrence, UCD O'Reilly Hall

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Upcoming events for Learning and Development

Every September we publish a Staff Development and Training booklet which promotes the learning and development programmes for the coming academic year. This booklet contains learning and development programmes offered to staff by UCD Training & Development, UCD Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL), UCD IT Services, UCD Safety Office, UCD Registry, UCD Procurement Office and UCD Quality Office.

As part of the HR restructuring last year, the Staff Development Unit became UCD Training and Development, part of HR Strategy & Development Directorate. This section co-ordinates the information for the booklet.

To reflect the University’s overall strategy to use electronic services and reduce costs, this information booklet has been online from September 1st at

The variety of training provided by the learning and development units reflect the UCD Performance Management Development System (PMDS) process. It is a system which has been put in place to meet your needs and ensure that you have the relevant information on courses you request. The online booklet provides details of the learning and development programmes. All programmes can be tailored to meet the needs of those attending, if requested.

Health & Well Being and Information Seminars

Information on forthcoming Health & Well Being and Information Seminars is available on the UCD HR website:

These seminars can be requested directly online through . However, we request you inform your Manager/Head of School/Unit if you are interested in attending any of these seminars.

For those of you that do not have access to the UCD HR website, the booklet as a hard copy is available upon request on ext. 4919.

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HR Services Spotlight – Pensions AVC

We would like to advise you that Notional Service/AVC Seminars will now be included in the Health & Well Being Section on the Staff Development Website.  These seminars are available to help you become familiar with the UCD Pension Scheme and the options available to you if you wish to augment your pension benefits under the Scheme through: 

  1. Regular/lump sum Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVC’s)
  2. Purchasing additional years under the Notional Service Plan

If you are interested in learning more about these options please apply for the seminars as normal through the Staff Development Website. The sessions are held in conjunction with PenPro, our AVC providers, and the UCD Pensions Office.

For further information on the UCD Pension Scheme please go to the pensions section of our website


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Notices / Useful things to know:

EAP Briefings for Staff

The Employee Assistance Programme is a confidential support service available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  It is available to all UCD employees, their family members, and retired members of staff, free of charge. 

One session for staff in the five colleges took place on the 20th of October and another information session on the Employee Assistance Programme is due to be held in November for all staff from UCD Research, Central Services and Building and Services. Please see details below :

Date: 3rd November 2008
Time: 12:30 p.m.
Venue: Global Irish Institute, Clinton Auditorium


UCD Equality and Diversity Website

Please note that the new Equality and Diversity website is now established; drawing together existing policies such as the Equal Opportunities Policy and services such as the Employee Assistance Programme.

Further information:


December Payroll Deadlines

Monthly Payroll - Salaried staff

Payment Date: Friday,  19th December 2008

Documentation Deadline*: Friday, 7th November 2008 (5.00 pm)

*Receipt of Post Authorisation Forms in relation to the setting up of new staff, extension/renewal of contracts, documentation on amendments to pay, information on leavers, cost centre changes, etc. must be received by UCD HR Staffing Services, Roebuck Offices, by this date.


Monthly Payroll – Hourly paid staff

Payment Date:   Friday,  19th December 2008

Documentation Deadline*: Monday, 1st December 2008  (12 noon)

*Receipt of Timesheets, Overtime Claims etc must be recieved by UCD HR Compensation & Benefits, Roebuck Offices, by this date.


January Payroll Deadlines

Monthly Payroll - Salaried staff

Payment Date: Friday, 30th January 2009

Documentation Deadline*: Friday, 5th December 2008 (5.00 pm)

*Receipt of Post Authorisation Forms in relation to the setting up of new staff, extension/renewal of contracts, documentation on amendments to pay, information on leavers, cost centre changes, etc. must be received by UCD HR Staffing Services, Roebuck Offices, by this date.


Monthly Payroll – Hourly paid staff

Payment Date:  Friday, 30th January 2009

Documentation Deadline*: Monday, 5th January 2009 (5.00 pm)

*Receipt of Timesheets, Overtime Claims etc must be recieved by UCD HR Compensation & Benefits, Roebuck Offices, by this date.


Christmas Closures

Arrangements for the closure of offices and other facilities for the 2008 Christmas holiday period are as follows:

University offices and general University facilities will close on the evening of Monday 22 December 2008.

General University facilities – other than offices and catering - will return to work on the morning of Friday 2 January 2009.

University Offices, Laboratory staff and other amenities will re-open on the morning of Monday 5 January 2009.


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Beir bua agus beannacht.

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