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Pensions, Pay and Conditions


BENEFITS - Pay Pensions Image The following outlines the pension, pay and conditions on offer to UCD faculty and staff.

Pay Scales

Details of current pay scales for UCD grades are available on the UCD HR website. 

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Pension Schemes

UCD currently operates defined benefit Pensions schemes & a career average Pension scheme for employees.  The defined benefit schemes promise a benefit to employees based on their service and salary whilst the career average scheme is based on money amounts set aside each payroll period as a proportion of salary paid.  Whilst the employee makes pension contributions and the University also makes considerable contributions, the employee is promised a benefit regardless of how these contributions are invested.  Online Pension records are available for staff who joined before 01/01/2013. Further information on the Schemes is available to employees through courses available on the People Development  section of the HR site

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Annual Leave

UCD offers annual leave entitlements to staff above the statutory minimum. The annual leave year runs for 12 months from 1 January. Staff members who work part-time or for a proportion of the leave year will have pro rata entitlements to annual leave.  Annual leave entitlements are set out in the UCD  and are subject to change from time to time. ‌

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Private Healthcare

This allows UCD faculty and staff to join a group scheme with one of three private health insurance companies, depending on eligibility, and the University will facilitate payment through payroll. VHI Healthcare, Aviva Health and Laya Health offer a range of healthcare plans depending on individual requirements. Faculty and staff wishing to join any of the following group schemes should contact the relevant healthcare provider. For more information please see the Payroll Office website 

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Relocation Expenses

In the interests of attracting top quality faculty and staff, the University may provide financial assistance to new permanent and long term temporary appointees to assist in their relocation from areas outside of Dublin in order to take up employment. The payment of relocation expenses under the  is at the discretion of the relevant College Principal/Vice President/University Officer.

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Consultancy and External Work

In certain circumstances faculty may engage in paid external work, either in their own right or on behalf of the university. The  outlines the criteria which govern both circumstances and the associated approval and reporting mechanisms which apply.

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Income Protection

The University has an Income Protection Plan which has been in operation for twenty years.  The object of the Plan is to provide income in the event of permanent disability and to supplement any sick pay or retirement pension available from the University Pension Scheme and State Benefits.

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