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Personal and Professional Development


BENEFITS - Career Development Image ‌The University is committed to supporting and developing its faculty and staff. Listed below are some of the ways in which training and development opportunities can be availed of. Faculty and staff are encouraged to make the most of these opportunities to enhance their personal and career development.


The UCD HR  is intended to assist new faculty and staff members to adapt to working in a large organisation and to make that transition as easy as possible.UCD HR provides new faculty and staff in the University with essential information on payroll, conditions of employment and general University services. All new faculty and staff are invited to participate in the UCD Orientation Programme which is one component of a four part orientation process.

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Learning and Development Programmes

UCD Learning & Development comprises of nine different training providers from across the University with the common goal of supporting faculty and staff in their day to day activities, improving skills while also expanding areas of expertise. These programmes aim to provide holistic learning opportunities from IT to management skills to programmes that support wellbeing and change behaviour - physically, emotionally and psychologically.These programmes are free for University faculty and staff.

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Adult Education Courses

UCD Access and Lifelong Learning offers a number of lifelong learning and open learning courses. UCD faculty and staff are eligible for 33% discount on all courses offered on the Lifelong Learning programme.

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Staff Fee Concession Scheme

Staff fee concessions allow faculty and staff to pursue a professional qualification in UCD that is relevant to their role. They are based on the applicant meeting the criteria for qualification and being of benefit to the their overall professional development. Applications must be made in agreement with the Head of School/Unit. The  provides more detailed information on this scheme and the application process.

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Conference Allowance

The availability of a allows faculty and staff who meet certain criteria, to attend relevant conferences, training, and development opportunities. These should be linked to the faculty/staff member’s professional development and assist in building sustainable networks in the interests of the University. The  provides further detailed information.

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Study and Exam Leave

The University supports staff undertaking further professional development, and in recognition of this both study and exam leave is currently available to those who meet certain criteria, as laid out in the Study and Exam Leave policy.


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Leave of Absence for Research

Leave of absence for research, available to faculty, can be of critical importance to give individuals refreshment and time to develop new areas of research. UCD has a clear policy of encouraging faculty to avail of leave of absence for research.


Further information is available in the Research Sabbatical Leave for Faculty policy.

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Internal Mobility Programme

The  is available to staff (not including faculty). It was designed to enhance their development opportunities, whereby promotional grades up to the level of SAOII or equivalent are advertised internally first.

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Mentoring and Coaching

Mentoring and Coaching is encouaraged in the University.

Mentoring is an informal, offline relationship between colleagues. It is mentee-driven where the mentee usually selects their mentor, and mentor-managed where the mentor sets out clearly what they can and cannot discuss or help with.


Coaching facilitates the staff member to think creatively about the future of their career. UCD has a panel of fully trained internal coaches, and this provides an exciting confidential service for anyone who wants to realise their full potential.

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Researcher Careers Framework

The UCD Researcher Careers Framework (RCF) establishes a structured and supportive skills and early career development model for Post-Doctoral Fellows at UCD. This provides a research careers structure with clear role definition, structured employment framework with a career path that is supported by clear contract management policy and consistent recruitment processes, and a Skills and Career Development (SCD) Framework and supporting policy.

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Professional Subscriptions

UCD covers professional membership subscriptions to relevant professional bodies and academic associations/societies on behalf of faculty and staff on approval by a Head of School/Unit. Such subscriptions play an important role in maintaining academic/professional standards in UCD.

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Refund of Financial Support for Academic/Professional Programmes

The  means that faculty or staff members may be funded by their school/unit, to complete an academic or professional qualification. These qualifications should be linked to the staff member’s professional development.

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