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Employee Self Service (ESS)

ESS Unavailable


Core HR Upgrade: ESS Downtime 15 - 23 June 2019

In order to facilitate an upgrade of the Core HR system, a period of system downtime is required for all Core HR modules including Employee Self Service (ESS).  The period of downtime is 15 - 23 June 2019 inclusive.  This will impact access to the following:

  • Pay Details  - including payslips, P60.
  • eRecruitment
  • Timesheets
  • Pensions – Pensions Calculator
  • Core Time
  • Personnel

For further details, please refer to our Core HR System Upgrade Notice.

We apologise in advance for any inconvenience.

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Logging in to ESS

  ESS Button


  • Clicking the button above brings you to the login screen. Enter your UCD Connect username and password.
  • Please note, online timesheets users MUST go through the Hourly Set-up process before being able to claim online.
  • Users who have difficulty logging on MUST go through the ESS Login Troubleshooting Guide before contacting HR.
  • If contacting HR please provide your UCD Connect username and your UCD personnel (P) number.

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ESS Login - Troubleshooting Guide

If you are unable to login to ESS please follow these instructions:

1. Do you have a valid UCD Connect username and password?

  • No - This system is restricted to staff and (paid) students with valid accounts. If you believe you are entitled to an account please contact UCD IT services helpdesk on ext. 2700
  • Yes - Proceed to 2.

2. Are you typically able to log into UCD Connect with these credentials?

  • No - Please contact UCD IT services helpdesk on ext. 2700 for assistance.
  • Yes - Please proceed to step 3.

3. Are you using a supported web browser? ESS is supported in MS Internet Explorer versions 7.0+, and Mozilla Firefox 3.0+, Google Chrome & Safari. 

  • No - Please install a supported web browser. If you need assistance installing this, please contact UCD IT services helpdesk on ext. 2700 for assistance.
  • Yes - Please proceed to step 4 & then step 5.

4. Reset your UCD Connect password using the UCD IT Services  'Password Self Service'

5. Try to login to ESS again with your username & new password. Did this work?

  • Yes - Issue resolved
  • No - Please proceed to step 6. 

6. Log a support call with the HR Helpdesk 

  • Please complete the Ask HR below completing all fields.

    Please provide details of your UCD Connect username in the 'Enquiry' field.  

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Self Service Options

  • Payslips

Step 1: Click My Payroll Self Service
Step 2: Click View My Payslip

Please see Payslips page for further information on payslips.

  • P60

Step 1: Click My Payroll Self Service
Step 2: Scroll down to My P60 Documents on the left
Step 3: Click My P60 Document Detail
Step 4: Click the View P60 icon on the right

Please review the ESS Online P60 Quick Guide for details.

**NOTE: Please ensure you close the P60 window when logging out**

  • Job Applications (eRecruitment)

Please see Job Vacancies page for details on applying for jobs as an internal applicant.

  • Online Pension Self Service*

Please see Online Pension Self Service page for details of this service.

  • Online Hourly Paid Timesheets*

Please see Hourly Paid Employees page for details of this service.

  • Interview Board Packs* (eRecruitment) 

Step 1: Click My e-Recruitment Self Service
Step 2: Click My Competitions

  • Annual Leave & Flexi Time Tracking* (CoreTime)

Please review this ESS CoreTime Quick Guide for CoreTime users.

*Only available where applicable

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Ask HR

  • Is ESS secure?
  • Why are there options that say 'You do not have access to this option'
  • I have queries regarding my Annual Leave or Flexi-time, who should I contact?

If you cannot find the information you are looking for please 'Ask HR' by completing this form below.

Your Name: *
Personnel No: *
UCD Connect Username: *
Your Email: *
Your Telephone: *
Your Enquiry Type: *

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