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Career Break


This page outlines the Policy and Procedures for all eligible staff who wish to apply for a career break from their post. Staff can apply for a variety of reasons including to spend more time with their families, to study full-time, carry out voluntary/community work or to travel. Staff members who are permanent or hold contracts of indefinite duration, have satisfactorily completed their probationary period and have ongoing satisfactory performance are eligible to apply. Below you will find an outline of the processes involved, the forms you will need to complete and the policy governing career breaks.

The section on returning to work from a career break is published separately. 

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How it works - Apply for Career Break

Step 1: Consult the Career Break Policy as differing terms apply depending on the length of the break.

Step 2: Complete and submit the Career Break Application Form‌.

Step 3: Applications are considered by the Head of School / Unit and College Principal (In addition to the Governing Authority and Finance, Remuneration and Asset Management Committee).

Note: Applications must be made 3 months in advance of start date.

Step 4: If the application is approved, the Head of School / Unit will notify the staff member in writing.

Returning to work: Please consult the Career Break Return to Work section for further information.

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Relevant Policies

Career Break Policy

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Relevant Forms

Career Break Application Form

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Ask HR

  • What is the managers role in the process?
  • Are career breaks pensionable?
  • Is your job kept open while you are on a career break?
  • How far ahead do I have to apply?

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