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Force Majeure Leave


Under the parental leave policy there is a provision for you to take force majeure leave to enable you to deal with family emergencies.  However, it is limited to circumstances where your immediate presence at the place where the ill or injured person is situated is indispensable.

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Applying for Force Majeure Leave

 Note:  Information re force majeure leave is under the (section 7)

Step 1: As soon as it is reasonably practicable after your return to the college after an absence on force majeure leave, you must complete and sign the “Force Majeure Leave Notification Form” form and have it countersigned by the Head of School/Unit before forwarding it to UCD HR.

Step 2: You must give your Head of School/Unit a doctor’s certificate detailing the nature, length or expected length of the illness/injury of your family member not later than four weeks after the date of the leave.  A copy of this certificate must be sent to UCD HR.

What happens next?

You will receive a letter from UCD HR confirming:-

  • Receipt of your “Force Majeure Notification Leave” form.
  • Your force majeure leave dates.

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Force Majeure Leave Application Form

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(Section 7)

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Ask HR

  • Under what circumstance can I take this leave?
  • How many force majeure leave days am I entitled to?

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