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Maternity Leave


If you are a female employee who is pregnant, than you are entitled to maternity leave. Below you will find a brief summary of the steps you need to take to apply for maternity leave; the forms required to make the application and a detailed policy outlining your entitlement.

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Applying for Maternity Leave

Step 1: Read the university Maternity Leave Policy

Step 2: Complete and sign the Maternity Leave Application Form‌ and have it countersigned by the Head of School/Unit. A letter confirming the baby’s due date from a Doctor is required to support your Maternity Leave application.

Step 3: Apply to Social Welfare for maternity benefit. if you are paying PRSI class A or E.

Step 4: Seek approval from the Head of School/Unit, if it is your intention to take annual leave following your maternity leave.

Step 5: Forward both the maternity leave notification form (with Doctor’s letter confirming due date) and the Social Welfare maternity benefit form (MB2- Employer’s section) to HR Operations, UCD Human Resources, Roebuck Offices for implementation and processing.

With regards to the Social Welfare Maternity Benefit Form (MB1, MB2 & MB3):

  • UCD Employees need to complete MB1 (Part 1 of the form).
  • UCD Employees need to send in MB2 (Part 2- Employer’s Certificate for Maternity Benefit) to UCD HR for completion*.
  • UCD Employees do not need to complete MB3 section of the form (part 3 -Medical certificate for maternity benefit).
*When your MB2 form has been completed by HR and Payroll, we will send it back to either your place of work or home address. You will then need to send it onto the Department of Social Protection, Maternity Benefit Section - along with MB1 and MB3 sections.


What happens next?

You will receive a letter from UCD HR confirming:

  • Receipt of your “Notification of Intention to Take Maternity Leave” form.
  • Your maternity leave dates.
  • The date you are due to return to the university following the leave concerned.

Note: The Maternity Leave - Return to work formwill be enclosed with the maternity leave acknowledgement letter.

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Maternity Leave Application Form

Maternity Leave - Return to work form

Social Welfare Maternity Benefit Form (MB1) can be downloaded from

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Maternity Leave Policy

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Ask HR

  • I am pregnant, what are my entitlements and how do I apply for maternity leave?
  • Am I entitled to paid maternity leave?
  • On the MB1 form under “Payment Details” who do I have the benefit paid to?

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If you are unable to find the information you are looking for, please call 
the UCD HR Helpdesk on + 353 (01) 716  4900