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Ad-Hoc Payments


Ad-Hoc payments cover the payments to individuals who provide services in the core activities of teaching, research, administration and technical support and are processed through the University monthly payroll under appropriate deduction of PAYE and PRSI. Ad-Hoc hourly rates should only be agreed if the standard University Hourly rates are not deemed appropriate.  More detailed information is contained in the UCD Policy on Remuneration through payroll.

Note: An Online Hourly Paid Set-up Form must be completed as part of the set up process prior to claiming for work completed.

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Setting up individuals

Before you begin, it is important that you have received the below information from your School or Unit. It is the responsibility of the School or Unit to convey this information to the claimant. The hourly claimant begins the process online.

The online set-up process is accessed through Infohub at the following links:

  • Hourly Claimant Login - The claimant should click on Campus and then on My HR Forms
  • School or Unit Login - The school/unit user should click on Human Resources, then My Responsibilities, and then Hourly Paid

The claimant's school/unit must then approve the online form so that they can submit it to UCD HR for processing. UCD HR will then set up the claimant on the personnel system. The School Administrator will be emailed to confirm the set-up has been completed.

Claimants who do not already have a UCD Connect userame must ring the IT Helpdesk (01 716 2700) to request their UCD Connect login details.

1. Student claimants willnot be set up with a second UCD Connect username - their ESS access will be set up with their student UCD Connect username and password.
2. An Online Hourly Set-up Form is required for each separate piece of work.

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Research Funded Claims

Where Ad Hoc claims for staff are chargeable to Research Accounts the following conditions should be observed:

The Principal Investigator (grant-holder) must be set up either as Approver 1 or Approver 2. This is to ensure that the Principal Investigator authorises expenditure in line with the terms and conditions of the research funding agency. Failure to establish the principal investigator as one of the E.S.S. approvers may result in expenditure being disallowed by the funding agency and charged against the School budget.

There should be sufficient budget available in the research account to fund the E.S.S. timesheet. Existing on-going pay commitments should be considered when calculating the remaining budget. The grant-holder can calculate the current budgetary position on a research grant by referring to the online report via the Research Management System (RMS) or Infohub.

It is the responsibility of the approvers to ensure funds are available and where the pay costs exceed €3,000 Approver 1 or 2 must contact the Research Finance Office ( for further approval.

Please ensure the Research project account is selected by Approver 1 when approving the claim.

These steps should be carried out in relation to Ad Hoc claims for all staff, including both Hourly Paid staff and Contractual Staff.

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Garda Vetting

Following the commencement of the National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulnerable Persons) Acts 2012 to 2016 on the 29th of April 2016, UCD must ensure that Garda Vetting is conducted for any new staff members who undertake activities that will bring them into contact with children or vulnerable adults.  Existing staff working with children or vulnerable adults and employed prior to 29 April 2016 who have not been vetted are required to do so by the end of December 2017.  Garda Vetting must be completed prior to the staff member starting in their postThis requirement includes short term appointments and casual staff.

For any new hourly paid staff members, hiring managers need to consider whether the role the claimant will be doing requires Garda Vetting. To determine this, please consult the Garda Vetting Policy for Staff on the UCD HR website or speak to a member of the Resourcing Team. Hourly paid staff members who were vetted in 2018 and are being recommenced in 2019 will not need to be vetted again until the 2020/21 Academic Session. Hourly paid staff vetted prior to 2018 will need to contact their manager as they may be required to be re-vetted.

Queries on Garda Vetting should be directed to

Further information:

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Important Note on Work Permits

Any person coming to work in UCD from outside the EU requires authorisation to work legally in Ireland.  For hourly paid staff, it is the responsibility of the School/Unit to ensure paperwork is in order before work commences.  Regulations regarding employment permits are laid down by the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation and must be strictly adhered to.  Payment cannot and will not be made to any person who is not authorised to work in Ireland. For more detailed information on requirements, please contact UCD HR Resourcing at ext. 4932.

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Claiming Payment

Step 1: Claim form should be completed in full and approved by the Head of School / Unit/Principal Investigator before submission for payment.



Step 2: Claim is submitted to UCD HR Operations for payment, taking into account the monthly payroll deadlines.



Step 3: Payment is made on a monthly basis in arrears.

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