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The Online Hourly Set-up Form must be completed prior to claiming online. Below you will find detailed guidance for completing an online timesheet, other important key points and a downloadable Quick Guide. Please also refer to the monthly Deadlines.

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Logging On

  • Step 1: Go to ESS Home Page
  • Step 2: Click on the 'Employee Self Service' button, which launches the login page for ESS 
  • Step 3: Type in your UCD Connect username and password, and click login
    Note UCD Connect Accounts: If you do not have a UCD Connect account but have completed the New Hourly Paid Set-up (Including Occasional Lecturers), please contact UCD IT Services on ext. 2700 to obtain your details.  
  • Step 4: If you are having difficulties please refer to the trouble shooting guide on the ESS Home Page

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Online Claim Form

  • Step 1: From the ESS Home Page select My Hourly Timesheets Self Service
  • Step 2: Select Create New Timesheet
  • Step 3: Under Hourly Work Completed select the relevant position, module code (if relevant), date, time from & to for each day or part of day you are claiming for. Total hours will automatically calculate.
  • Step 4: If relevant complete Items Completed section.
  • Step 5: Select the relevant approver 1 and approver 2 from the dropdown list.
  • Step 6: There is an option to enter any comments in the Timesheets Comments box
  • Step 7: Tick the declaration box and click ‘Submit timesheet’
    Save For Later Note: You can save a draft of the timesheet for submission at a later date however please only submit one timesheet per pay period i.e. Weekly - one timesheet per week, Monthly - one timesheet per month.

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What Happens Next

  • When you click submit timesheet an email is sent to your approver 1
  • Approver 1 then enters rate and cost centre and submits to approver 2 for approval (or rejection)
  • If approver 1 rejects you will receive an email notification notifying you of this & request that you login to amend and resubmit. The reason for rejection is stated on the timesheet
  • Approver 2 then approves (or rejects) If approved the claim is then submitted to UCD Payroll/Finance
  • If approver 2 rejects they may choose to reject to either you (claimant) or approver 1. Either way you will receive an email notification The reason for rejection is stated on the timesheet.
  • If Payroll/Finance reject, the timesheet is returned to approver 2 who must then decide if it is not be corrected by the claimant or Approver 1 and rejects back to either.  

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Key Points

  • You can check the live status of your timesheet claim(s) under Hourly Timesheet Summary screen:
    • New – Saved for later, can edit/view
    • Submitted – Submitted for approval
    • Resubmitted – if rejected and resubmitted
    • Approved – Approved at level 1 and 2
    • Waiting to be paid – Submitted to Payroll for payment
    • Paid – Paid by Payroll
    • Click on the relevant item e.g. waiting to be paid a screen will appear
  • The system operates on a 24 hour clock
  • You can not claim for work in the future
  • When entering hours for a full day you must enter in hours for the morning and (if applicable) the afternoon separately. Please note mandatory unpaid rest breaks need to be reflected in hours claimed.
  • Payment is made on a weekly basis/monthly basis in arrears
  • You must have supplied HR with a PPS number and bank account details in order to use the online facility.

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Relevant Documents & Links

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Ask HR

  • What happens if my line manager is on holidays?

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If you need to speak to a member of UCD HR staff in relation to this service,  please call us on + 353 (01) 716 4955.