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Information for Administrators


This page provides information for staff fulfilling the role of 'administrator' for the ESS Online Timesheets system.

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Administrator Set-up

Online Timesheets Approver Administrator Authorisation Form.  Administrators are then set-up in the HR system within relevant school / unit and receive access to the Employee Self Service (ESS) to submit Hours, Items or Ad hoc value timesheets on behalf of claimants.

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Responsibility of Schools and Units

It is the responsibility of all Schools/Units to ensure that all claimants are informed of:

  1. That Legislation requires UCD to ensure that the appropriate breaks are taken by all employees during their hours of work.  The general rules on this are that an employee must take a paid break of 15 minutes after a 4.5 hour work period.  If working more than 6 hours, an unpaid break of 30 minutes should be taken, which can include the 15 minute break.
  2. Hours claimed must reflect actual hours worked (excluding breaks).
  3. Claims for work carried out on a Sunday should be completed on the Sunday Premium (Hourly Paid Form) The premium is Time and a Quarter and applies to rates of pay which do not have a full time equivalent.

It is the responsibility of the Administrators to ensure that:

  1. There is authorisation from the Head of School / Unit to process payment.
  2. Research Funded Claims:  Where staff are chargeable to research accounts the following conditions should be observed:-
    -  The principal investigator (grant-holder) must be set up either as Approver 1 or Approver 2. 
    -  There should be sufficient budget available in the research account to fund the ESS timesheet.
    -  Where the pay costs exceed €3,000 Approver 1 or 2 should always contact the Research Finance Office ( for additional off-line approval before completing the process.
  3. All hours worked and the taking of breaks is in line with legislation.  UCD HR/Payroll are not responsible for monitoring this on a consistent basis.  However, we do carry out spot checks and claims in breach of legislation will be rejected and payment not processed.

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Logging On

  •  Step 1:  Go to ESS Home Page & click the 'Employee Self Service' icon.

  •  Step 2:  Type in your UCD Connect username and password & click login.

  •  Step 3:  If you are having difficulties please refer to the trouble shooting guide on the ESS Home Page

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Process Ad-hoc claims

  • Step 1:  Login to ESS and on the menu on the left click on My Hourly Timesheets.

  • Step 2:  In the Admin Timesheets section click 'ADD' to open a new timesheet, and complete the timesheet under the section Value Based Claim.  Using the dropdown menu for Other Work, select ESS Value Timesheet.

  • Step 3:  Complete Date, description and amount.  The Module Code section is optional.

  • Step 4:  Select Approver 1 and Approver 2 from the dropdown menu.  Approver 1 will select the relevant cost centre. (Note An Administrator can also act as Approver 1)

  • Step 5:  Include comments if applicable.  If you are satisfied to submit the timesheet, tick the box beside Declaration and Submit Timesheet.  Alternatively, if you wish to include further information at a later date and do not wish to submit the timesheet, select Save for Later.       

    Note:  In your absence you can select Timesheet Approver Nomination - See Quick Guide for Approver 1

    What Happens Next?

  • Approver 1 will receive an email stating that a timesheet has been submitted for approval

  • If Approver 1 approves a timesheet it then goes to Approver 2 for further approval

  • If Approver 1 rejects a timesheet it goes back to the administrator who will need to resubmit

    Note:  If a claim is rejected by Finance / Payroll the timesheet goes back to Approver 2, who then must decide if it should be returned to the claimant or to Approver 1. The claim must be resubmitted by Approver 2 as per the current deadline in order to be paid in that payroll run. 

    If Approver 2 rejects the timesheet back to the claimant, both the claimant and Approver 1 are notified that the claim has been rejected back to the claimant.  Approver 1 can still see the timesheet but it has a status of rejected.  Once the claimant edits and resubmits the timesheet the status goes to re-submitted and Approver 1 can approve it again.

    Hourly Timesheets Summary

    The Screen shows a summary of timesheets submitted and what stage they are at:

  • New (timesheets with of Status of Submitted) 

  • Rejected by finance 

  • Historic/previously approved claims 

  • Approver nomination – see Quick Guide for Approver 1

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Relevant Documents & Links

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