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Online Hourly Set-up Forms


To claim payment for hourly-paid work, you first need to complete an online hourly set-up form. Once your set-up form has been authorised by your School or Unit and then processed by UCD Human Resources (HR), you will be granted access to the University’s online timesheets system for submitting hourly-paid claims.

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Before you begin

Before you begin completing the form, you must receive the below information from your School or Unit. It is the responsibility of the School or Unit to provide this information to you.

  • School/Unit name – e.g. School of Medicine, UCD Registry
  • School/Unit Contact – this is the person in your school or unit to whom you will submit your completed online form. The School/Unit Contact name on your form cannot be changed after you have started the process.
  • Type of work - e.g. Tutor/Demonstrator, Occasional Lecturer, other type of hourly work

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How to complete the set-up form

Once you have the information from your School or Unit as outlined above, you can start the set-up process by going to - click on the Campus section, then on My HR Forms.

  • If you have already worked in the University, log in with your UCD personnel (P) number, UCD email address or Connect credentials. If you are unsure of your personnel number, contact the UCD HR Helpdesk ( quoting your PPS number.
  • Current students or past students (alumnus) - log in with your UCD student credentials
  • If you are new to the University, you will need to create a new account

Once you have logged in, click ‘Create’ to start a new form. Choose ‘Hourly Set Up Form’ for the Form Type, select your School/Unit and your School/Unit Contact name, and then click ‘Start Process’.

To complete the sections on the form:

  • Sections 1 to 4 (Personal Details, Address Details, Next of Kin Details and Bank Details):
    If you have already worked for UCD or have been a UCD student, these sections will automatically populate with the details already on your UCD record. If not, you can update certain parts of these sections as required.

  • Section 5 (Claimant Set Up Information):
    • Type of Work: Choose from either Tutor/Demonstrator or Occasional Lecturer. If your work is neither of those, choose ‘Other Hourly Paid’.
      Note: To be able to upload a scan of the required signed Tutor Demonstrator Terms and Conditions document in section 6, you must choose ‘Tutor/Demonstrator’ for your Type of Work in section 5.
    • IRP/Work Permit Required: To be able to upload a scan of your IRP card in section 6, you must answer ‘yes’ to this question in section 5.
    • Student: If you are currently a student but answer ‘no’ to this question, your subsequent online timesheets access will be with a new Connect username and password instead of your student number and password.

  • Section 6 (Upload Documents):
    To be able to upload a scanned copy of the signed Tutor Demonstrator Terms and Conditions document or your IRP card where required, you first need to have chosen 'Tutor/Demonstrator' for Type of Work or 'yes' to the IRP/Work Permit Required question in section 5 above.
    • Note - Please ensure you upload both sides of your IRP card. 

When you have completed sections 1-6, go back up to the top of the form and click ‘Submit to School/Unit Contact for Review’. When you have successfully submitted your set-up form to your School or Unit, you will see the message **NEWLY SUBMITTED**

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What happens next?

You can view the current status of your set-up form by logging back into it via > Campus > My HR Forms.

  • Set-up Created: You need to complete sections 1-5 of the form, and also section 6 if relevant to you, and then submit it to your School/Unit Contact by clicking 'Submit to School/Unit Contact for Review' at the top of the form.
  • With School/Unit Contact for Review: Your School/Unit Contact reviews and updates your set-up form with additional information (e.g. start and end dates, names of timesheet approvers) and then submits it to their Head of School/Unit (or their nominee) for authorisation.
  • With Nominated Authoriser for Review: The Head of School/Unit authorises your set-up form – this must be done and forwarded to UCD Human Resources (HR) by the 3rd of the month (or the subsequent working day if the 3rd falls on a weekend or public holiday) for you to receive access to submit timesheets for that month’s payroll.
  • With HR: The UCD HR Operations team receives your authorised set-up form:
     - If your form is missing information or requires clarification, e.g. if you have not uploaded the required documents in section 6, the form will be rejected back to you and you will receive an email from HR advising you of the reason. You will then need to update and re-submit your set-up form to your School/Unit Contact for it to be authorised again by the Head of School/Unit.
     - If your form is completed correctly, it will be processed by UCD HR added to the HR system, and you will receive an email (with your Approver 1 copied) advising you of your UCD personnel number and how to submit online timesheets via the Employee Self Service (ESS) portal.

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