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Online Hourly Set-up Forms


Online hourly set-up forms are available on InfoHub for all schools and units who are engaging hourly-paid staff. The online forms facilitate the claimant, school or unit, and authorisers to create and authorise online, which means an improved process experience leading to faster turnaround times, greater visibility and the removal of the need for paper-based forms.

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Online set-up process

Before you begin, it is important that you have received the below information from your School or Unit. It is the responsibility of the School or Unit to convey this information to the claimant. The hourly claimant begins the process online.

  • Link /URL for InfoHub - External portal using the following URL: Select Campus, My Hr Forms
  • School Name
  • School Contact 

The online set-up process is accessed through Infohub at the following links:

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User guides

User Guides for the Hourly Claimant and the School or Unit can be found at the following links. It is important that you refer to these guides when you commence your online set-up:

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