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The UCD AVC (Additional Voluntary Contribution) Scheme compliments the benefits of UCD main pension scheme and allows members regardless of age or service to supplement their retirement benefit within Revenue Limits. The UCD AVC Scheme Consultants are Cornmarket Group Financial Services Ltd. and Irish Life are the AVC Investment Managers.  The Scheme is defined contribution and benefits are dependent on the amount contributed to the scheme and the performance of the fund. Benefits are not guaranteed. Separate AVC Benefit Statements are issued annually.

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Arrange a consultation

The UCD Pensions Office provides general information to staff on the purchase of AVC’s. UCD and the trustees of the AVC Scheme have appointed Cornmarket Group Financial Services Ltd., a firm of professional pension consultants to provide advice to employees on the UCD AVC Scheme. Cornmarket offer a free AVC consultation on a one to one basis at work or at home with two of their most experienced consultants, Jane Furniss or Simon Spendlove. If you wish to arrange a consultation with either Consultant you should in the first instance email Cornmarket - or call (01) 420 0985.

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AVC/Notional Service - Pension Seminars

This seminar provides an overview for staff interested in voluntarily augmenting their UCD Pension Benefits by making regular/lump sum Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVC’s) and / or purchasing additional years under the Notional Service Plan.

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Useful documents

AVC Leaflet

AVC Booklet

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