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Early Retirement


The normal retirement age in UCD is age 65 but it is possible for the vast majority of current staff to retire anytime between age 60 and 65. Learn about the options available and how they work.


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Available options

Standard Early Retirement

The majority of staff in UCD who were appointed to pensionable University posts before 31/12/2004, have the option to retire anytime between the ages of 60-65 without benefits being actuarially reduced.  The pension and gratuity are calculated on the service to date of retirement.


Cost Neutral Early Retirement

From the ages of 50-60 (or 55-65 for Model Scheme members) Cost Neutral Early Retirement (CNER) is available to UCD Pension Scheme Members.  Benefits can be paid prior to normal retirement date with benefits actuarially reduced for early payment. This actuarial reduction is permanent for the duration that the pension is in payment.

The rate of the reduction will be in line with actuarial rates approved by the Minister for Public Expenditure & Reform.


Below you will find information on how an early retirement is processed.

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  • If you are thinking of retiring early please email the Pensions Office with your personnel number and proposed retirement date to request a statement of your early retirement benefits. You can also run early retirement figures on your online pensions record through the Online Pensions Self Service.


  • If you decide to retire you will be asked to complete the retirement decision form, which you will have received with the statement of retirement benefits.


  • Added Years may be granted at retirement, at the discretion of the Minister for Education & Skills and the Minister for Finance, in respect of special qualifications or previous non-pensionable service prior to joining the University, provided that the total of actual and added years shall not exceed 40, and that the number of added years shall not exceed one third of actual service subject to a maximum of 10 years. The Financial Measures (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2009 has not altered the rights and obligations of members under Scheme rules.  Where the Scheme rules provide for discretion in relation to members' rights and benefits, that discretionary power now vests in the Minister for Education & Skills and the Minister for Finance.  Please note that an Added Years award is one of the benefits subject to the discretion of the Minister for Education & Skills and the Minister for Finance and any decision on the granting of added years will only be made at retirement.


  • Added Years are not considered for Cost Neutral Early Retirement.


  • Your pension payment will be set up automatically and paid into the same bank account, on the same date as your salary was previously.


  • Your gratuity will also be paid into this same bank account, on the date of your retirement.


  • The payslip for your pension will be posted to your home address and your Personnel number will remain unchanged. If you engage in post retirement work with UCD a ā€œPā€ will be added to the end of your existing number and the payslip for this additional pay will be available online as normal.


  • A Pensioner Declaration Form will be issued on an annual basis for completion and return during your retirement.  This is an Audit requirement.


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Points to note

  • If you have previous civil service or public sector service which may be transferrable or bought back, please email the relevant details to well in advance of your retirement date as this process can take some time to complete. For further details on transfers in please see Transferring Pension Benefits


  • VHI, Accident policy and individual voluntary life assurance premiums which were deducted from your salary will automatically continue to be deducted from pension.   The UCD voluntary Life Assurance Scheme will stop unless you are returning to UCD on a temporary contract, in which case the premium will continue to be deducted on the part time earnings automatically up to age 65.  If you have queries in relation other deductions please contact


  • Your staff card will remain active after you retire.


  • As a pensioner you will continue to have access to your UCD e-mail account.

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Ask HR

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