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Contact Promotions

Contact Promotions, Grading and Reward

General enquiries can be sent to

Sarah Dunne

Promotions, Grading and Reward Co-ordinator

+353 (01) 716 4961

  • Faculty Promotions
  • Adjunct (including adjunct clinical) and Visiting Appointments
  • Competitive Retention for Staff  


Promotions, Grading and Reward Specialist

+353(01) 716 4962 

  • Faculty Promotions, including Academic Retention
  • Research Funded Pathway
  • Job Grading (for administrative posts up to and including SAOIV level)
  • Promotion to Senior Technical Officer
  • Award of Tenure

Escalation contact:

Aisling Croke, Promotions and Grading Manager

+353 (01) 716 4908


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