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Promotion to Senior Technical Officer

Overview - Promotion to Senior Technical Officer

As set out in our strategy, UCD values excellence and understands that excellent performance requires excellent people working in a supportive environment.  The strategy states that:

“UCD will continue to attract excellent and diverse students, faculty and staff from around Ireland and around the world, and will put in place appropriate support measures to develop and retain the members of our community”.

The strategy commits to working to ensure that the University’s faculty and staff are enabled to achieve their full potential and are appropriately rewarded for their contribution. 

The Expert Group Report on Technicians sets out the procedure for promotion from the Technical Officer to the Senior Technical Officer grade nationally.  The Policy for Promotion to Senior Technical Officer has been developed in line with the Expert Group Report and the terms of Reference for the Technical Development, Reward and Recognition Group.  

Applications are now welcome from eligible candidates.

Please read the Policy for Promotion to Senior Technical Officer, along with the Guidelines for Candidates prior to submitting your application for promotion. 

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  • Candidates must be at the top of the Technical Officer pay scale
  • Have 5 years experience at Technical Officer grade
  • Hold a N.C.E.A. Diploma or equivalent (for individuals who commenced in UCD pre November 2006)
  • Hold a Masters degree (for individuals who commenced in UCD post November 2006)

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Method of Application

Once completed the Promotion to Senior Technical Officer Application Form must be emailed to

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Criteria for Promotion to Senior Technical Officer

  • Academic achievement as demonstrated by the award of a Masters Degree equivalent (post 2006) or N.C.E.A. Diploma or equivalent (pre 2006) or its recognised equivalent;
  • Evidence, as appropriate to the discipline, of:
    • Technical Skills;
    • Health and Safety;
    • Management and Planning;
    • Interpersonal Skills;
    • Service Requirement;
    • Innovation/Flexibility/Adaptability.

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Assessment of Applications

The assessment of applications will be a rolling process and the Technical Staff Committee will meet three times a year to review applications for promotion to Senior Technical Officer. For meeting dates please contact

In all cases, the Technical Staff Committee will consider the candidate’s application documents includint the Head of School/Unit’s commentary.

The relevant Head of School/Unit or nominee may be invited to the Technical Staff Committee meeting to answer questions that the Committee may have in relation to the application.

Conclusion of the Assessment Process

Following the Technical Staff Committee meeting:

  • The names of candidates recommended for promotion by the Faculty Promotions Committee will be forwarded to the President for approval.
  • The candidate will be advised of the outcome of their application for promotion from Technical Officer to Senior Technical Officer by the Technical Staff Committee.

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In the interests of transparency, best practice and staff development, all candidates will be given written feedback on their application by the Chairperson, or nominee, and one other member of the Technical Staff Committee. This feedback will be made available after candidates have been formally advised of the outcome of their application for promotion. Accurate notes will be taken as part of the process that reflect the basis of the decision made, these notes will support the communication of the promotion decision.

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Supporting documentation

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Membership of Technical Staff Committee

NameSchool / College
Professor David Fitzpatrick Principal, UCD Engineering and Architecture, Chair
Professor Gareth Redmond UCD School of Chemistry
Associate Professor Aoife Ahern UCD School of Civil Engineering
Ms Bernadettte Leggett UCD School of Veterinary Medicine
Ms Aisling Croke UCD  Human Resources

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