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Research Funded Pathway 6


The Research Funded Pathway has been developed to enable UCD to attract leading academics in their field to the university. Staff appointed using this pathway have successfully competed for major research grants. The process is governed by the University Committee for Academic Appointments, Tenure and Promotions (UCAATP) and is facilitated by UCD HR, Promotions & Grading.

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How it Works

Step 1:  Identification of potential applicant for appointment by a Head of School / College Principal / Institute Director. The potential applicant must be an internationally recognised scholar working in an area of research that reflects UCD’s strategic priorities and has either (a) applied for a substantial research funding or (b) has received substantial research funding.

Step 2:  The Head of School / College Principal / Institute Director must submit a statement of application to UCD HR, Promotions & Grading. The Statement of application must incorporate:

  • A letter of interest from the applicant
  • Copy of the applicant’s full Curriculum Vitae including a list of her/his publications.
  • A complete copy of the application for research funding, including details of the assessment process and full budget (plus outcome of the application if already known).
  • Summary of the applicant’s currently funded research projects with amount of funding and for what period, plus an indication of what funding is likely to be transferable to UCD.

Step 3: UCD HR, Promotions and grading submit the application to UCAATP for consideration.

  • Consistent with other appointment pathways, Professorships at UCD will be judged on international standards, will be evidence-based, and will be entirely founded on merit. 
  • The UCAATP may seek confidential statement/s commenting on the alignment of the applicant’s work with the School/College/Institute from the appropriate College Principal, VP for Research, Head of School or other senior academics in the School/College/Institute.

Step 4: The Head of School / College Principal / Institute Director will be informed in writing of the recommendation of the UCAATP. The recommendation is also forwarded to the Governing Authority and the Academic Council for noting.

Step 5: Following a successful outcome, UCD HR, Recruitment contacts the Head of School / College Principal / Institute Director to initiate the appointment process.

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Relevant Policies / Guidelines

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