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Senior Management Pathway 7


This pathway is designed to allow the University in certain circumstances to confer the title Associate Professor/Professor on internationally recognised scholars who have been appointed by the University to a Senior Academic Management position.

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How It Works

Step 1: Eligibility



  1. As part of the assessment process for a Senior Management position the Assessment Board will determine if there is a case for recommending the applicant to be considered through this process and they will make a recommendation to the UCAATP.
  2. Alternatively, if the Director of Human Resources, as part of the contract negotiation process, identifies a case for the applicant to be considered through this process, he will make a recommendation to the UCAATP.



Step 2: Assessment Principles



In addition to having been appointed to a senior management position in the University, and, in common with all other UCD Professorial appointments, appointees will be required to demonstrate exceptional performance in Research, Scholarship & Innovation and Academic Leadership.



Step 3: Assessment Process

  • The Director of Human Resources will forward the relevant documentation to the UCAATP.
  • The UCAATP will consider the evidence provided by the Director of Human Resources and will make a decision on the level of appointment (Associate Professor or Professor) to be made.


Step 5: Notification



Following the completion of the process UCD HR, Promotions & Grading will inform the newly appointed Senior Manager in writing of her/his professorial title. The recommendations will be forwarded to the Governing Authority and the Academic Council for noting. 

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Relevant Policies / Guidelines

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Ask HR

  • If the UCAATP does not recommend appointment under this pathway will it affect appointment to the Senior Management position?

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