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Skilled Resource Pool


This is a university policy covering research staff in UCD that have been issued with contracts of indefinite duration (CID) and who must continue to be paid from and occupied on externally funded research work – unless they secure, through the normal recruitment processes, an alternative core-funded role.   A Skilled Resource Pool is the mechanism through which such staff continue to be assigned to work on externally-funded research projects.    

This policy sets out the general principles and parameters for the operation and management of College-level Skilled Resource Pools.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Staff who may enter the SRP

  • What is the Skilled Resource Pool (SRP)?

The Skilled Resource Pool (SRP) is the mechanism through which Research staff who have received contracts of indefinite duration (CIDs) continue to be assigned to work on externally funded research projects.  The SRP process is triggered when funding for your salary on a specific externally funded research project is coming to an end. A minimum of 3 months from the end of the current project assignment, the staff member makes their details available to PIs with vacancies for research-funded roles.  All PIs are required to give full consideration to SRP candidates in the filling of vacancies prior to any external advertising being approved.

Each College will establish a Skilled Resource Pool process for their respective college, in line with university guidelines provided.

  • When would I move into the SRP?

Your details should be added to the SRP a minimum of 3 months from the end date of your assignment on your current externally funded project, unless that project has funding to extend the duration of your assignment with them, or your PI has an immediate other assignment for you to transfer to.

  • How do I make my details available to PIs with vacancies?

You will be able to upload your CV and details into a special area of the e-Recruit system, which has been set up for this purpose.   PI’s in your college and who have research vacancies will use this system to review the skills and experience of available staff and make an assessment whether there is a potential match with their requirements. This assessment is criteria based against the specification for their vacancy.

  • Who is my line manager while I’m in the SRP?

For the first 6 months your line manager will continue to be the PI that was your line manager at time the contract of indefinite duration was issued to you; after that period your line management could transfer to your Head of School or their nominee. While you are in the SRP your PI will work with you to secure an alternative assignment.

This work will continue indefinitely unless/until you secure an alternative core-funded role through the normal competitive recruitment process, and could involve several re-assignment processes over a number of years. The responsibility to facilitate your re-assignment during any period of time that you are in the SRP will always stay with the PI that was your line manager at the time the contract of indefinite duration was issued to you.

  • What work will I do and where will I work whilst in the SRP?

While you are in the SRP, your line manager will ensure that you have an appropriate place to work and have agreed activities which you can undertake relating to your own portfolio of research or to support the School’s research activities , or to help with your re-assignment e.g. completion of papers, supporting grant applications etc. This work is also to be agreed with the relevant Head of School.

  • Are there any changes to my employment terms and conditions whilst in the SRP?

No, there are no changes to your terms and conditions of employment while you are unassigned.          

Your terms and conditions will remain the same on each assignment that you take up.

  • How do I avail of other employment opportunities whilst in the SRP?

You may apply for any suitable advertised university positions following the normal recruitment process.

  • What can I do to help my re assignment?

You should avail of support and guidance from your PI. You should also use your own network and contacts in relation to suitable vacancies in your area of expertise, either in the university or elsewhere. You should actively pursue funding opportunities yourself and support others in funding applications which may afford you further opportunity. You should continue to develop your skills and experience to better equip you for new assignments and your long-term career aspirations.

  • If there are multiple suitable candidates in the SRP, how are they selected for an assignment?

PI’s in your college and who have research assignments will review the skills and experience of staff in the SRP through the e-Recruit system; they will make an assessment based on specific criteria for their assignment. The PI will need to complete an interview scoring sheet for each staff member to document the basis of their selection decision.

  • Who will be able to access my details on the e-Recruit system?

Only PI’s with approved vacancies in your College and staff in the College who are involved with the SRP process, such as the HR Partner, will be able to access your details, along with HR staff managing the system.  

  • What happens if there is a vacancy but the salary is less than I am currently paid?

 Any shortfall between your existing salary and that available for a new post will be charged  to the budget of the school you were with at the time your CID was issued.   Salary variations should not be a barrier to an otherwise suitable assignment.

  • What can I do if I feel a vacancy is not suitable for me?

Assignments into temporary research posts will occur where it is considered that there is a suitable match of skills, knowledge and experience. Where this exists you will be required to take on the available assignment.

  • What help and support is available to me to develop my career and potentially leave the SRP permanently?

Career Advice will be provided to you through your PI and you will also have access to resources/services through the UCD Career Advisory Service. This should enable you to identify potential career options and plan the steps you would need to take to advance your chosen option. Ultimately it will be your own responsibility to do this.

  • Can I opt out of the SRP process?

No. The Skilled Resource Pool (SRP) is the mechanism through which Research staff who have received contracts of indefinite duration (CIDs) continue to be assigned to work on externally funded research projects. Through this process, researchers are given preferential consideration for available posts.

You will be required to participate in the SRP process so that you can continue to be assigned to suitable, externally funded research work.

  • Can I apply for other vacancies in the University?

You may also apply for any vacant positions in the university that are advertised by UCD HR as per the normal recruitment procedures.  By logging in to the UCD Employee Self Service (ESS) you may view current vacancies and access instructions on how to apply for vacancies that are of interest to you.

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For further information or queries please contact your local HR Partner.

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