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FÁS Work Placement Programme


The FÁS Work Placement Programme facilitates companies, universities and businesses to take on a person for a work experience placement for a maximum of nine months. While the person is gaining valuable work experience they are also contributing to the working environment.  The appointee will have the opportunity to apply for suitable vacancies as they arise. 

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What are the required criteria to avail of a FÁS Work Placement?

The following is the essential criteria regarding the FAS Work Placement Programme:

  • The University must have no vacancies in the area of activity in which the placement is to be offered
  • The placement cannot be provided to displace an existing employee
  • A College/School/Unit must not have made any person redundant in the last 3 months 
  • The University must be fully compliant with current workplace health and safety and all other legal requirements
  • Any Work Placement offered must be for a full working week

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Who can apply for a FÁS Work Placement position?

  • Work placements applicants must be 6 months unemployed and be in receipt of the job seeker’s allowance
  • Graduate placements will need to have attained, prior to 2009, a full award at level 7 or above on the National Framework of Qualification e.g. an Ordinary Bachelors Degree

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What happens next?

If the College/School/Unit has been allocated a work placement, the following steps need to be taken in consultation with UCD HR Recruitment:

  • Contact your College Principal/Vice President to request a placement to be allocated to your School/Unit.
  • Forward written approval from College Principal/Vice President to HR to show allotted allocation.
  • Complete the FÁS Work Placement Programme online application form for approval by FÁS (for assistance in completing this form i.e. insurance details etc, please contact the Account Lead of your designated College/School/Unit in HR Recruitment) 
  • Details provided on the application form will constitute what appears in the work placement advert.  Once approval received, FÁS will contact College/School/Unit directly.
  • Vacancies will only be advertised on the FÁS Job Bank website.
  • Work Placement candidates should be instructed to direct their applications directly to the College/School/Unit where the placement is based.
  • College/School/Unit should interview suitable applicants (blank interview scoresheets can be requested from UCD HR Recruitment).
  • When a suitable candidate has been selected for the placement, the College/School/Unit must advise FÁS by completing the FÁS commencement form issued at the approval stage.
  • To commence a Work Placement candidate in the University, a HR Services Work Placement Form must be completed, attached with the CV and forwarded to the Account Lead in HR Recruitment who will then issue a letter to the proposed candidate and arrange for their details to be set up on Core. 

Please note that UCD HR must be informed of all work placements made, either at the outset or prior to completing the FÁS application form to ensure FÁS guidelines are being fully complied with.

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Ask HR

  • Can any College/School/Unit apply for a Work Placement through FÁS?
  • Can the Work Placement candidate take over the duties carried out by a vacated post?
  • Can the Work Placement Intern be paid whilst on the Work Placement Programme?
  • Is the Work Placement Intern entitled to career development opportunities?
  • Can the Intern apply for paid employment within the University whilst participating in the Work Placement Programme?

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If you need to speak to a member of UCD HR staff in relation to this service, please call us on + 353 (01) 716 4932.