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Advertising A Job


  • For Core Funded Resourcing Posts - Please ensure the relevant steps for requesting a post have completed before requesting advertising. The policy of the university is to advertise all vacancies (both temporary and permanent) in line with our Recruitment and Selection Policy‌. UCD HR Resourcing Team is responsible for the placement of all resourcing advertisements.

  This page outlines the steps involved and advertising options including specialist publications.

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Advertising Options

The advertising process begins with placement of your post on the UCD website and other appropriate locations outlined below.

On receipt of PAF / RAF and Job Description, a dedicated HR Resourcing Administrator will be assigned to support you throughout the resourcing processes.

UCD HR website X X  
Specialist Academic sites           X N/A  
Specialist Non-Academic sites If appropriate X  

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Supplementary / Specialist options

On occasion, you may also wish to promote your vacancy in specialist publications. Again, the assigned HR Resourcing Administrator can advise you of your options here, but it is important to note that costs incurred as a result of additional advertising will largely be borne by the School / Unit rather than UCD HR.

  • Advertising in international press/journal sources: Journals can be useful for targeting a specific market but they are a costly option. These advertisements require assistance from our external advertising agency.
  • Please note that, as UCD HR will be subject to agency deadlines, timelines and competition closing dates are likely to be impacted upon.
  • Web-based advertisements: Benefits include faster placement and cost-effectiveness. UCD HR wills often being able to directly list your vacancy without assistance from our external advertising agency. 

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Costs of advertising

UCD HR Resourcing holds a limited central fund for the cost of advertising non-research funded positions. This covers advertising in our composite based advertising in national press and an additional specialised web-site listing. It may also support limited additional advertising for specialist or traditionally difficult to fill position. Additional advertisement costs will be charged to the School / Unit.


  • Enquiries to publications seeking projected costs may themselves incur a charge as copy has to be prepared in order to estimate cost of placing the advertisement.
  • Press and journal listings are significantly more expensive than web-sites, but in either case HR will seek to establish final costs before a decision to proceed is made. 

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What happens next?

The assigned HR Resourcing Administrator will contact you with a view to commencing the  Selection and Appointments process. The process will be in accordance with Resourcing's Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

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Ask HR

  • How do I know when a HR Resourcing Administrator has been assigned to my vacancy?
  • Are advertisements ever delayed in anticipation of an Irish Times press ad?
  • What if I don’t want to advertise in the Irish Times?
  • Can I choose my own advertising locations?
  • Where else should I advertise my post?
  • Is there a limit to the amount of ad’s I can request?
  • Can HR place my ad anywhere I choose?
  • Is it difficult to advertise internationally?
  • The Journal I want to target has a vacancy web-section, should I just use it instead?
  • Is there always a web-based alternative to press/journal advertising?
  • How much detail should I expect to see in a specialist press/journal advertisement?
  • Will the HR Resourcing Administrator facilitate all my additional advertising needs?
  • How much more expensive are press/journal advertisements compared to a websites?
  • How long does it take to advertise a position?

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If you need to speak to a member of UCD HR Resourcing Team in relation to this service, please call us on + 353 (01) 716  4932.

Alternatively, please go to UCD HR Resourcing Contact List to visualise the contact details from all members of the UCD HR Resourcing: Resourcing Contact List