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Academic Progression


The Academic Progression Policy governs the progression of Lecturer below the bar to Lecturer above the bar.  This policy is effective from 29 May 2012.

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How it works

To apply

  1. Prior to application you should familiarise yourself with the Academic Progression Policy
  2. Complete and submit your Academic Progression Application Form 

What happens next:

  • The Academic Progression Form will be reviewed by the Head of School who will make a recommendation to the College Principal.
  • If approved an Academic Progression Approval Form  will be completed and submitted to UCD HR.  UCD HR will write to you confirming that your application for Academic Progression has been approved and confirm any salary changes.
  • If a Head of School is unwilling to recommend an application for progression, the staff member may request that the College Principal review the case.


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Ask HR

If you cannot find the information you are looking for please 'Ask HR' by completing this form below.

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